Tech Comparison: Neopixel vs. Proffie Lightsabers

Neopixel lightsaber is an upgraded version of a premium RGB lightsaber. However, it does not stop here! As there are a variety of neopixel boards available in the market.

Once in a while, there is a neopixel upgrade. This is when an advanced and better version of the predeceasing release is introduced. First, there were base lit RGB lightsabers.

Then Neopixels cut to the chase, and now we have Neopixel Ultimate, Ultimate X3, and finally the top tier Proffie 2.2 board. Precisely, it is only a matter of hierarchy. As they are different breeds of a cat.

Additionally, that is also how different neopixel soundboards give you a moving experience with the latest lightsaber.

Neopixel Lightsaber?

What do you know about a neopixel lightsaber? Understanding neopixels will help you understand the difference between various versions.

Neopixel lightsaber is all about the Neoblade. Firstly, it is called so because it has neopixel LEDs in it. It is a blade type that is majorly constructed with a heavy grade polycarbonate blade.

The length of the neopixel blade ranges from 32 inches to 36 inches. This means that the blade consists of about 240 to 256 LEDs. Since the LEDs are added in the form of strips and are bendable. One side contains about 128 to 144 LEDs.

The connection mechanism of neopixel blade is also quite different from the base lit blades. The LEDs in neopixel blade are attached to the PCB. The PCB is the connector between the blade parts and the pins of the hilt. Grouping both together will form a firm connection powering the neopixel blade.

Neopixel Lightsaber Variants?

Now that you know about the basic neopixel. You can already guess it.

Further adaptations to the original model bring out a better quality gadget. However, it is untrue that the previous model is no longer useful because of the introduction of the next model.

Among the available neopixel soundboards many Star Wars fans choose their board according to their model preferences. Not to add, the amount in your wallet has a significant role in the decision.

More than that, neopixel soundboards all feature almost the same qualities. Except, there are slight improvements that enhance the lightsaber adventure. If you feel like buying the costlier and more advanced version, then it is up to you.

No harm though. Like most Jedi, young lings like to start with the basics. If they feel like adding a personal touch to their Galaxy dreams, they can move their way up!

The good news is that RX Sabers offers you two popular neopixel variants to flex in front of your Jedi friends,

· Neopixel Ultimate (Neopixel Ultimate X3)

· Proffie Board 2.2

Neopixel Ultimate

Neopixel lightsaber is the breakthrough in the lightsaber world. It has all the advanced forms of what RGB has to offer.

As for now the neopixel forms Neopixel Ultimate also known as the Neopixel v2 and Ultimate X3 are of prime importance. We will discuss both boards in detail.

Firstly, the Xenopixel v2 board is a highly sensitive version that can be controlled easily. It gives the lightsaber a realistic look that could rival the one in the movies.

Blade Effects (Colors)

How do you think it is possible for different colors to appear at different locations within the same blade? You judged right.

Gone are the days when one LED controlled the brightness of the whole blade. Now the Xenopixel v2 allows you to individually address the LEDs. Advanced LEDs like these allow you better control of lights and colors, unlike the 12 default colors that limit you.

Amazingly, you can control what color should appear where in the blade. Not just that but what part to illuminate and what not. That is how you get different blade effects. Neopixel has a list to offer you.

Delightfully, You have the option of regular, ghost, and phaser blade styles in addition to the ones listed below!

Pulse  Blade shows a gradual pulsing effect
Rainbow  Blade shows rainbow colors simultaneously
Flame  Blade lights up in an intense color towards the tip
Candy  Blade shows parts of different colors evenly
Cracked  Flashes in between the uniform color range

Sound Themes

We have talked about the color modes. But as a lightsaber fan, you must be anticipating more about the other sought after features. Don’t worry, neopixel xenopixel has that covered as well!

The sound themes and the music on xenopixel board are just as brilliant. You can enjoy more than thirty sound themes. Now nothing can stop you from mimicking Darth Vader. Better yet, you can customize the sounds themes to match your favorite characters. We recommend adding lightsaber music in the background to feel like a true Mace Windu combat master.

Ignition Modes

Moving on, the ignition modes are to die for. Neopixel v2 board allows you to ignite the lightsaber within seconds and with the ignition style of your choice.

Photon  Change in blade pitch as you swing
Stack  Firecracker ignition
Warp  Gradually building ignition sound
Broken  Conjugated bright ignitions 


The hilt houses the same switch, button, lever, plate, and other components as the previous lightsabers you have used. So no complicating the process here. Phew!

Power Gesture & Motion Control

In fact, because of the increased sensitivity, modern lightsabers are equipped with a better control system. Power gestures like a sudden forward movement give you the opportunity to turn the lightsaber ON/OFF. No longer messing with the switch buttons.

SD Card Updates

All the modes can be customized with options available for you. If you want to change the ignition modes, blade style, and the background music to a different set. You can insert an external SD card.

Neopixel Xenopixel boards have the capacity for a 16GB SD card. You know what this means, right? It gives all the Sci Fi fanatics to add in their updates if they want. You can play around with the board library on your computers and come up with novel lightsaber designs and colors to match the Star Wars Canon and Non Canon scenes!

Volume Adjustment

Features like sound and power are often the last to be highlighted. However, for the Star Wars crazy fans, the neopixel v2 board comes to brighten your days!

It would beat the point to have all the fancy modes and styles. Only for you to play them in mute or a barely there sound. Right?

That is why neopixel v2 does not compromise on the sound. It gives you a good volume range that is not easily damaged. Furthermore, neiopixel models with v2 soundboard come with 2-3W, 8 Ω speakers, and an adjustable volume via SD Card. Moreover, it also comes with a power system that has a consistent distribution from the chip to the blade. The LEDs are powered by 50W.

Neopixel Ultimate X3

As previously stated, not much of a difference exists. Only in certain areas. Where you are paying for the additional soundboard features.

The Neopixel Ultimate X3 is similar to the previous model. However, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

You can control the board through an app. That works for both Android and iOS phones. Additionally, the battery life is comparatively better.

Lastly, like the previous soundboard, this one needs working in certain categories. There are not many designs available. However, you can take the initiative to bring out a new lightsaber design for yourself!

Proffie Board 2.2

Let’s talk about the current big thing. Proffie Board 2.2 is the brain behind it all!

Whereas a simple neopixel lightsaber is about the LEDs and the blade. The proffie board is more about customization and sound fonts.

Oftentimes with a neopixel you hit a brick wall. Where you are unable to program it. Whereas proffie provides no such hindrance while adding blade styles of your own.

It is an easy-to-use soundboard that doesn't require a lot of intelligence to operate.

Yet, as a beginner, you may need to know some coding to fully operate the board. Don’t worry, there are YouTube videos available that can help you format through third party software apps. Once you learn to format. Then you can unlock the actual fun that lies in customizing this software. Giving you a chance to use proffie 2.2 to its fullest potential.

Moving on, as compared to the previous board, proffie offers thirty percent of everything extra. You can enjoy 6-17 more sound fonts and blade styles. Styles like tip glow, sunset blade, and spot blade are possible now. Better yet you can create exceptional styles of your own after putting your computer and coding skills to the test!

Another thing about proffie 2.2 is that the memory card working is quite different. Some of neopixel models do not allow memory cards. However, all proffie models have an SD card option.

Cost Comparison

We already know that a neopixel lightsaber is costlier than an average (RGB) lightsaber. However, the price range within the neopixel lightsabers also varies!

The more programmable the board, the higher the cost. On average, a basic lightsaber ranges from $200 to $400. As you change the board, hilt design, and blade type, the price of a neopixel lightsaber can go as high as $1000.

The same goes for the proffie lightsaber. Generally, a proffie 2.2 lightsaber costs $50-$100 more than a neopixel xenoboard lightsaber. There are lightsabers that go as high as $1200. They are the realistic lightsabers that give you the original Star Wars experience. Just not the impossible plasma killing and blasting stuff that is yet to be programmed.


Below, I have listed the differences between the neopixel and proffie lightsaber for easy comparison.

Parameters Proffie Neopixel Xeno Neopisel (Premium Neopixel)
LED  12 Presets  8 -12 Presets
Battery  3.7 - 4.2 V  3.7 - 4.2 V
Charging  5V, 1A micro USB  5V, 1A micro USB
LED Power  2.1 - 3.0 A, 9 - 12W  2.1 - 3.0 A, 9 - 12W
Super Bright LED  20 Presets  -
Super Bright LED Power  50 W  -
Speaker  2- 3W, 8 ohm  2- 3W, 8 ohm
Light Adjustment  Solid, Slow Flickering and  Fast Flickering (can  customize more with SD)  Solid, Slow Flickering and Fast Flickering
Color Changing  Infinite Color Changing (can  customize more with SD)  Fixed Colors Available
Smooth Swing Effect  9 Smooth Swing Sound Fonts  8 Smooth Swing Sound Fonts
Power On Style  One Switch Support Switch LED  One Switch Support Switch LED

Video representation

Final Verdict

Read about the detailed differences carefully and make your decision. Better yet, if you are a Star Wars geek, then get ready to put your skills to a twist!

You can order a variety from our best-selling neopixel and proffie lightsabers. RX Sabers offers you a full guide with complete lightsaber components at affordable prices.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me.

Also, share your lightsaber innovations with me, as I love a challenge!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Neopixel better than a Proffie lightsaber?

Nothing has been able to beat a proffie lightsaber so far. It is certainly better than neopixel as it offers a plethora of color options, 6-17 more sound fonts, 5 ignition modes, and a full customization option.

What is the most realistic lightsaber?

RX Sabers offers you a chance to relive any Star Wars moment with ultra realistic lightsabers available for grabs anytime. Not only that, our realistic lightsaber range is quite vast, so you can choose what you like.

What does a proffie lightsaber mean?

A proffie controller board with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is found in a proffie Lightsaber. It offers a variety of sound fonts and background music as well. Additionally, proffie blades and an SD card are included.

Does Proffie Neopixel allow you to upload your own fonts?

Not only Proffie but ultimate neopixel also allows you to upload your fonts. With ultimate neopixel you might come to a dead end. However, Proffie allows you to fully customize the fonts if you know the right coding.

Is proffie lightsaber good for dueling?

I do not recommend using Proffie for dueling, if it is a light tapping then that is okay. However, if you are planning to go Darth Vader on somebody, then I recommend using an RGB lightsaber. Proffie blade is prone to expensive damage, you do not want that.

Can a proffie lightsaber be self programmed?

Proffie board 2.2 is easy to program through a third party software app. No rocket science involved, and you can find videos of other fans doing it. Give it a try!