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Proffie Sabers


      Step into RX Sabers’ lightsaber realm! Our Proffie Lightsaber collection is where the magic unfolds. Picture yourself wielding our Proffie 2.2 lightsabers, they're a hit for both newcomers and seasoned Jedi. These force Proffie lightsabers bring a touch of authenticity and precision to your duels.

      Curious about our Proffie lightsabers? The Proffie 2.2 tech is like the maestro of innovation. It delivers superb responsiveness, allowing you to customize colors, sounds, and effects. It's like crafting a lightsaber that resonates with your unique style!

      At RX Sabers, we're stoked about our Proffie lightsaber lineup. We've got a variety catering to every Jedi's preference. And what's the scoop on a Proffie lightsaber? It's not just a weapon; it's equal to have your own trusty companion.

      Ready for some fun? Each Proffie lightsaber is a storytelling gem, connecting you to the force. Drop by RX Sabers, the ultimate destination where the galaxy's standout lightsabers eagerly await your command! 

      Proffie Lightsaber

      Welcome to RX Sabers, your go-to destination for all things lightsabers, featuring our exceptional Proffie Lightsaber collection. 

      Unlock the true potential of lightsabers with our Proffie lightsaber range. These aren't just your ordinary sabers; they embody cutting-edge technology, specifically the Proffie 2.2 lightsaber system. Crafted with precision and innovation, these force Proffie lightsabers redefine the lightsaber experience.

      Definition and Purpose of Proffie Lightsaber 

      The Proffie Lightsaber stands out as a beacon of customization and authenticity. Powered by the Proffie 2.2 technology, it allows users to tailor their lightsaber experience. Adjust colors, fine-tune sounds, and enhance effects to create a lightsaber that resonates with your unique style and connection to the force.

      At RX Sabers, we take pride in offering a diverse Proffie Lightsaber collection. But what exactly is a Proffie Lightsaber? It's more than a weapon; it's an extension of your Jedi spirit. Explore our lightsaber collection and discover how each Proffie Lightsaber becomes a storytelling masterpiece, connecting you to the force in ways you've never experienced before. Join us in this lightsaber journey and be part of our ever-expanding collection at RX Sabers.

      Explore the fascinating world of Proffie Lightsabers, where we dive into different types, highlighting the details of hilts and materials.

      Types of Proffie Lightsaber 

      Our Proffie Lightsaber collection offers options for Jedi enthusiasts. Whether it's the advanced Proffie 2.2 lightsabers or the cutting-edge Proffie neopixel lightsabers, each type is crafted to redefine your lightsaber experience.

      Hilts and Material

      The hilt, more than just a handle, reflects your Jedi identity. Our lightsaber collection  features hilts made from quality materials. From the sturdy feel of metal to the detailed designs of polycarbonate, each hilt combines aesthetics and functionality.

      Discover hilts made from tough aluminum, offering a classic option. For those seeking elegance, stainless steel hilts provide durability and sophistication. Dive into the ornate world of copper or brass hilts, adding a unique touch to your lightsaber.

      Whether you prefer the simplicity of a plain hilt or the detailed design of a sculpted one, our collection caters to every Jedi. Embrace authenticity with materials like metal alloys and polycarbonate, ensuring your Proffie Lightsaber lasts.

      Embark on your lightsaber journey, where the choice of hilt style and material becomes a personal statement. Connect with the force through Proffie Lightsabers and join a community that embraces the diversity of our collection.

      Blade Options

      At RX Sabers, we understand that every lightsaber wielder is unique. That's why our Blade Options for Proffie Lightsabers go beyond the ordinary, providing a customizable experience to suit your preferences.

      Blade Colors and Effects

      Choose from an extensive palette of colors for your Proffie Lightsaber, including classic blue, daring red, and more. Enhance your duels with flickering, pulsating, or stable effects. Our collection provides a range of options to make your lightsaber truly unique.

      Blade Length and Thickness

      Personalize your lightsaber's combat feel with adjustable blade length and thickness options. Whether you prefer a shorter, nimble blade or a longer, powerful one, our collection accommodates your fighting style. Find the perfect balance for an unparalleled lightsaber experience.

      Removable Blades vs. Fixed Blades

      Tailor your lightsaber to your preferences with the choice between removable blades for flexibility or fixed blades for stability. Our collection ensures that your lightsaber suits your needs and style perfectly.

      Discover the precision of our Blade Options at RX Sabers for your Proffie 2.2 lightsaber. Each detail is designed to elevate your lightsaber experience, making it an authentic extension of your Jedi spirit. Join us in embracing the force with our expanding collection of Proffie Lightsabers.

      Sounds and Electronics

      Welcome to RX Sabers, where we uncover the tech magic behind Proffie Lightsabers, exploring the details of Sound and Electronics.

      Soundboards and Audio Effects

      Our Proffie Lightsaber collection features top-notch Soundboards to enhance your lightsaber adventure. The Proffie 2.2 lightsabers boast advanced sound tech, offering various audio effects that truly immerse you in the world of the force. From the classic hum of a Jedi to the intense clash of lightsabers in battle, each sound is carefully crafted for an authentic experience.

      LED Lighting Systems

      Light up your journey with the brilliance of LED Lighting Systems in our Proffie Lightsabers. Whether it's the vivid glow of a single color or the dynamic hues of Proffie neopixel lightsabers, our collection showcases the latest in LED tech. Enjoy a visually stunning display as your lightsaber reacts to your every move.

      Motion Sensors and Interactive Features

      Feel the force at your fingertips with our motion sensors and interactive features. The Proffie 2.2 lightsabers are equipped with responsive motion sensors, allowing your lightsaber to react to your swings, clashes, and maneuvers. Engage in a truly interactive experience as you become one with your Proffie Lightsaber.

      At RX Sabers, our commitment goes beyond offering Proffie Lightsabers; it's about providing a collection that embodies the epitome of sound and electronic innovation. Join us on a journey where the force comes to life through the tech wonders of our lightsabers!

      Best Proffie Lightsaber

      Embark on a journey with RX Sabers and discover the absolute best in Proffie Lightsabers. Our collection is a showcase of lightsaber excellence, featuring cutting-edge soundboards, customizable LED lighting, and responsive motion sensors. Each lightsaber is crafted with precision, bringing authenticity to every swing. It's not just a collection; it's a lineup of the finest Proffie technology. Dive into the galaxy of options, let the force guide you, and find the best Proffie Lightsaber that resonates with your Jedi spirit. Join us at RX Sabers, where our carefully curated collection brings innovation and excellence to every lightsaber.

      Proffie vs. Xenopixel V2

      The Proffie and Xenopixel V2 are both high-end lightsabers with unique features. The Proffie has a more traditional design and is optimized for combat, while the Xenopixel V2 has a sleek, futuristic look and is designed for both combat and display. When it comes to performance, the Proffie excels in terms of durability and sound quality, while the Xenopixel V2 shines with its brilliant color changing abilities. Ultimately, the choice between these two lightsabers depends on your personal preferences and needs.

      Proffie vs. Neopixel

      The Proffie and Neopixel are both high-quality lightsabers that offer a lot to fans of the franchise. The Proffie has a more classic feel and is designed specifically for combat, while the Neopixel has a modern, sleek design and is optimized for both combat and display. In terms of performance, the Proffie has a slight edge when it comes to durability and sound quality, while the Neopixel stands out with its stunning color changing abilities. If you're looking for a lightsaber that can do it all, the Neopixel lightsaber may be the better choice.

      Difference Between CFX and Proffie Lightsabers

      When it comes to choosing the right lightsaber for your training, it's important to understand the difference between CFX and Proffie lightsabers. CFX (Crossfire) lightsabers are designed for advanced users who want a more realistic and intense experience. They have a higher wattage output and a shorter blade length, making them ideal for fast-paced combat simulations. On the other hand, Proffie lightsabers are designed for beginners and intermediate users who want a safer and more durable option. They have a lower wattage output and a longer blade length, making them perfect for practicing basic techniques and movements. At RX Sabers, we offer both CFX and Proffie lightsabers in various colors and styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

      Proffie 2.2 lightsaber

      The Proffie 2.2 lightsaber is a popular choice among newcomers and Padawans due to its safety features and ease of use. This lightweight saber has a compact design and comes equipped with a front-mounted LED that provides excellent visibility during training sessions. Additionally, the 2.2 version includes an updated battery cap and switch design, which makes it easier to operate and maintain. The Proffie 2.2 also offers six different sound fonts, including classic, prime, and cursed effects, allowing you to customize your training experience. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade from a previous model, the Proffie 2.2 is definitely worth considering.

      Sky Force Proffie 2.2 Neopixel Lightsaber

      Looking for a lightsaber that stands out from the rest? Check out the Sky force Proffie 2.2 Neopixel Lightsaber! This innovative weapon features a cutting-edge Neopixel blade that changes color mid-swing, creating a mesmerizing effect sure to intimidate your opponents. With its durable construction and comfortable grip, this lightsaber is perfect for both training and dueling. Join the ranks of the elite by adding the Sky force Proffie 2.2 Neopixel Lightsaber to your collection today!

      Boone Kestis Lightsaber Proffie 2

      As seen Jedi Fallen Order, Boone Kestis' lightsaber is a sleek and deadly weapon. Now, you can own a replica of this iconic lightsaber with the Proffie 2.2 Boone Kestis edition. Featuring a durable metal hilt and a bright blue blade, this lightsaber is perfect for any fan of the game. With its detailed design and authentic sound effects, you'll feel like a true Jedi Master. Don't miss out – add the Boone Kestis Lightsaber Proffie 2.2 to your collection today!


      In conclusion, the Proffie lightsaber is a top-notch weapon for any Jedi-in-training. With its durable construction, comfortable grip, and customizable options, it’s the perfect tool for both training and dueling. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Jedi, the Proffie lightsaber has everything you need to take your skills to the next level.

      Recap of Proffie Lightsabers Benefits and Options

      At RX Sabers, we’re committed to bringing you the best lightsabers in the galaxy. That’s why we offer a range of Proffie lightsabers, each with its own unique benefits and options. From the Sky force Proffie 2.2 Neopixel to the Boone Kestis Lightsaber Proffie 2.2, we have the perfect weapon for any Jedi.

      Encouragement to Explore and Create Your Own Lightsaber

      Don’t just take our word for it – explore our collection today and see for yourself the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every Proffie lightsaber. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find the inspiration to create your own unique lightsaber, just like the legendary Jedi Masters of old.

      So what are you waiting for? Ignite your inner Jedi and join the ranks of the elite with a Proffie lightsaber from RX Sabers . Shop now and embark on your journey to becoming a true master of the Force!


      What is a Proffie Lightsaber?

      A Proffie Lightsaber is a customizable lightsaber with advanced technology. It features the Proffie board, allowing users to personalize colors, sounds, and effects, creating a unique Jedi experience.

      Is Xenopixel better than Proffie?

      It's subjective. Xenopixel offers vibrant LED displays, while Proffie focuses on advanced customization. The choice depends on personal preference.

      What is Proffie 2.2 for lightsabers?

      Proffie 2.2 is an advanced lightsaber technology, enhancing customization with features like responsive motion sensors and customizable soundboards.

      What is Proffie V2?

      Proffie V2 is an upgraded version of the Profound soundboard, offering enhanced processing power and compatibility with more lightsaber blade models. It elevates your lightsaber experience with even more realistic sound effects and seamless performance

      What is the difference between Proffie board and Neopixel?

      The Proffie board controls customization, while Neopixel refers to LED technology. They work together, allowing users to tailor lightsaber colors, sounds, and effects.

      What does Proffie do?

      Proffie enhances lightsabers with advanced customization, responsive motion sensors, and soundboards, offering a personalized Jedi experience.

      What are the 2 button controls on Proffie?

      Proffie typically features two buttons for controlling functions like power, changing colors, and activating sound effects on lightsabers.

      What are the effects of Proffie Lightsabers?

      Proffie Lightsabers offer various effects like customizable colors, realistic sounds, and responsive motion effects, enhancing the lightsaber experience.

      Is Proffie the best lightsaber?

      It's among the best for customization. Proffie's advanced features make it a top choice for those seeking a personalized and immersive lightsaber experience.

      Can you duel with Proffie Lightsabers?

      Yes, Proffie Lightsabers are designed for dueling. Their durability and responsive features make them suitable for both display and combat.

      How do you use a Proffie Lightsaber?

      Using a Proffie Lightsaber involves familiarizing yourself with the 2-button controls for power, colors, and sound effects. Refer to the manual for detailed instructions.

      How to customize Proffie Lightsaber fonts?

      Customizing Proffie Lightsaber fonts involves uploading sound files and configuring settings using the Proffie software. Detailed instructions are typically available in the user manual or online guides.