Luminous Echo of Cal Kestis Lightsaber

After Darth Raven, Cal Kestis is the first Star Wars character who got more fame from video games than the Star Wars series itself. He made his video game debut alongside his lightsaber in "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order," which was published by Respawn Entertainment in 2019.

Cal Kestis is an interesting and resilient character who quickly distinguished himself from the Galactic Empire and what it stood for. Perhaps because Cal Kestis saw what the clone troopers did to his master. He quickly recognized which force side his lightsaber would stand with.

After surviving Order 66 Cal Kestis went on a self enlightening lightsaber journey. His lightsaber represents his inner turmoil and determination to regain the fallen Jedi Order against the Imperials. The blue color of his blade represents his sense of duty and resolve against the growing Galactic Empire.

Brief History –Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis is a Galactic Republic native who took his first lightsaber steps under the training of Master Jaro Tapal. Not long after the rise of the Empire, Order 66 was implemented. It was a horrifying Jedi Purge Era. Cal witnessed the Clone Troopers deceive and turn on his master. The Clone Wars were rising with each passing day, and the Old Republic was falling under the Sith wrath.

After witnessing the Sith treatments, Cal felt a deep sense of resentment and retribution towards the dark side of the force. After his master’s downfall, he had to flee to escape alive. While doing so, he took his master’s lightsaber with him.

Cal found refuge on Planet Bracca with his friends Greez and Cere Junda. He traveled across the planet and promised to avenge his master and restore the Jedi Order. He soon adopted the disguise of a weaver till the Inquisitors came upon him. He deflected the Inquisitors with the help of his crew consisting of old friends Greez, Cere Junda, and a robot BD-1, that he constructed himself.

Cal Kestis First Lightsaber

Cal Kestis used his first lightsaber under the guidance of Jedi master Jaro Tapal. As a Jedi trainee, Cal practiced his initial fighting techniques against his master’s lightsaber. Cal’s training was going smoothly, and he was learning rapidly. According to his master Cal Kestis was swift and strong. He was quick to respond and had a speed advantage that would serve him well.

Cal’s journey with his master ended when during the Clone Wars, Order 66 was issued. He had to flee to save his life after witnessing the tragic attack on his master. At the time he took, he helped his injured master escape with him. Cal continued using his original blue bladed lightsaber that he built during his training days.

While trying to escape, Cal’s own lightsaber was shot out of his hands on a turbolift, He was escaping from the 13th Battalion on a Ventaor Class Cruiser (named Albedo Brace, the commando ship of Jaro Tapal on which they were attacked).

After his first lightsaber was shot out of his hands, it fell at the bottom of the commando ship. Cal looked for it but could not find it. It was later destroyed in the turbo ship during the explosion.

Cal along with his master escaped to the Planet Bracca. Jarp Tapal was wounded fatally and died soon after. However, before passing away, he handed his lightsaber to his apprentice, Cal Kestis. Even though the lightsaber was in bad shape, it was functional.

First Lightsaber Description

Cal Kestis's first lightsaber had an old school look. His first lightsaber consisted of a long metallic cylindrical hilt. It protruded a blue blade, reflecting Kal’s union with the light side of the force.

Additionally, his lightsaber is put together effortlessly. The design as well as the activation components are simple and uncomplicated.

In fact, the pommel was destroyed during the escape. On further look, his lightsaber has a metallic emitter with rings around the opening. Overall, the lightsaber is made of a dark alloy metal. Right above the dark brown leather handle is the black activation button. Furthermore, the middle of the metal body houses the conductor and power cell.

Lastly, in the third end of the lightsaber is a nail like addition that Cal must have used to hang the lightsaber to his belt.

Cal Kestis Second Lightsaber

Cal Kestis is not known among his fans because of his first lightsaber. No.

His second double bladed blue lightsaber is the actual source of his fame. Not because fans got to experience what it was like to be a Jedi on a redemption mission with their own lightsaber in the video games. Also, because his second dual bladed lightsaber saw more action. It left a meaningful legacy for those thirsty for their revenge against Jedi torments.

Second Lightsaber Debut

The first glance at the Cal Kestis second lightsaber is given through video games released in 2019. Cal’s story is continued through his lightsaber use in the games. The story highlights major aspects his lightsaber went through and his early journey of acquisition.

I have covered his second lightsaber journey in detail. But first, let’s take a brief look at what the video games have to reveal about Cal Kestis's second lightsaber!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In the video game, Cal is introduced as a member of Ironmonger’s Guild. A brief encounter between Cal, and his friend Prauf is shown against the Stormtroopers. Yet Cal is not shown using his lightsaber. As the game continues, Cal finds himself in a difficult position. He raises his lightsaber for the first time against the Second Sister.

Jedi Knight: Survivor

Jedi Knight: Survivor remains the most anticipated sequel that was awaited dearly by fans. With its release in 2023, many mysteries have been answered. This video game continues the lightsaber journey of Cal Kestis as he faces new enemies like Dyra Thornee and Bode Akuna. Not to mention, this video game has more personalized lightsaber options and is relatively easy to operate. Cal’s lightsaber transformation is where he switches between a long dual blade and a cross guard lightsaber. Here, Cal uses his lightsaber against opponents that were left stranded in Fallen Order game prequel.

Second Lightsaber Acquisition

Since Cal Kestis lost his first lightsaber. He continued to honor his master Jaro Tapal’s lightsaber by wielding and using it to this point. However, his master’s lightsaber is destroyed by Cal’s hands while he experiences a painful force vision. He was holding the lightsaber at the time he received his vision at Dathomir. He accidentally destroyed the weapon.

Journey to Ilum

Cal Kestis made the decision to obtain a crystal from the Caves of Ilum because he had no weapon now.

The problem was that the Empire had taken control of Ilum. Yet, Cal was committed to obtaining a crystal, so he could construct his weapon.

It was a long voyage, even if he did not initially encounter any threats from the Imperial Forces. He fell into the chilly water while looking for the crystal. Due to his good luck, he discovered a crystal at the end of his escape. It started off as a single crystal that entirely broke off into two. As he strongly clutched it.

Kal thought the crystal was damaged beyond repair and that the whole mission was a failure. But his resolve returned, and he made the decision to create a weapon using two crystals.

Like his master, he created a double-bladed lightsaber by combining the two pieces of the crystal. Employing the items he had found in the cave. Jaro Tapal and Cere Junda, his previous master's lightsabers, were used to manufacture the lightsaber hilts.

However, his lightsaber was more advanced and powerful than Jaro Tapal's and Cere Junda’s.

Second Lightsaber Construction

Even though Jaro Tapal’s lightsaber was destroyed when Cal got his force vision. His guise as a mechanic came in handy. He had picked a few tricks. Not to mention, he was naturally good at techy things. So he preserved what was left of his former master’s lightsaber and used the surviving parts to build a new blade.

At first, it was a single-bladed lightsaber with a loop pommel at the end. However. Later, he decided to upgrade his lightsaber. Cal had two crystals from Ilum to put to use, so he converted his lightsaber into a dual blade. The other part consisted of the metal from his other former master, Cere Junda’s lightsaber. Cal had preserved Cere Junda’s lightsaber at Planet Bracca. As he joined, the parts from two lightsabers.

The gleam of his new dual lightsaber reflected the fire of redemption in Cal’s eyes.

Second Lightsaber Description

Cal added a brown rigged grip handle in the middle of his lightsaber. With the silver pommels coming together in the middle half of the hilt. Furthermore, like the first lightsaber, the second lightsaber weighs about 7 pounds.

Moreover, he designed his lightsaber such that it included a piece of both of his former masters. Each emitter end is dedicated to one of his masters. However, he was clever to design his dual ended lightsaber with different emitter types. His lightsaber consists of the dual emitter on one side, while the flared emitter with the wrapped x pattern on the other.

Talking about the hilt. It is designed to split in the middle. This way, Cal created two lightsabers. That can be joined into one long double bladed lightsaber. If not, then he separated his lightsaber into two single blades containing the two separate emitters.

Amazingly, Kestis could utilize one side of the lightsaber while still attached, then switch to the other!

Lightsaber Specifications

Owner  Cal Kestis
Hilt Shape  First & Second Lightsaber: Cylindrical Straight
Hilt Material  Heat Hardened Industrial Alloy
Blade Type

 First Lightsaber: Double Bladed Lightsaber (Single when separated)

 Second Lightsaber: Double Bladed Lightsaber (Single when separated)

Cross Guard Lightsaber

Blade Color

 First Lightsaber: Blue

 Second Lightsaber: Blue

Second Lightsaber Functionality

Cals Kesti's second lightsaber is special because it is a convertible lightsaber. It can be split into a single blade, but can be used as a long double bladed dark saber like Darth Maul. Cal used this to his advantage. Before his opponent gets the wind of his weapon, he surprises his opponent by splitting the blade. A trick like this gave him an upper hand.

Besides, combined with his telekinesis skill. If the first half is lost, Cal summoned the second half of his lightsaber. Enabling him not to be weaponless at the eleventh hour.

Second Lightsaber Combat Form

Cal Kestis showed remarkable Jar’Kai skills with his second lightsaber. Jer'kai is the name of the two weapon fighting styles. It teaches you the secrets, angles, and hand positions of using a dual bladed lightsaber. Cal was able to defend himself from the Empire and other hostile forces thanks to it.

Additionally, it is a powerful combat style that calls for tremendous power, strong arms, and quickness. It gave Cal an edge over your opponents by using two blades simultaneously and deflecting several blows at once!

What more? Kestis split his lightsaber and produced twice as much defense and damage.

Why Always Blue?

Kal’s lightsaber is more than a front line weapon. It is a symbol of peace, perseverance, Jedi strength and determination. The consistent appearance of the blue color showed how deep-rooted Cal’s bond with the light side of the force. It stems from his former master's injuries and his beliefs and resolve to maintain peace among the Galaxy.

The constant blue color throughout his journey also solidifies Kal’s loyalty to his mission. Cal felt it was now his duty to seek revenge and lead his crew toward prosperity and the straight path.

Journey of Cal’s Second Lightsaber

Cal proved to be a determined and fearless Jedi worrier who tore through his challenges with his lightsaber as a backup. He remained loyal to the cause and served his life in restoring the Jedi honor. To the point that he sacrificed a sacred Holocron device before it reached the wrong hands.

He encountered one enemy after another that he slayed using his second dual bladed lightsaber. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Dual with Sentients

After acquiring his lightsaber, Cal Kestis traveled to Planet Dathomir on Singer Mantis, a yacht. His goal was to acquire Cardova’s holocron which was present in a vault on Bogano. However, his mission was interrupted by Sentients. Kal lighted his lightsaber against sentients and non sentients who tried to keep him from the Holocron. After successfully overpowering them. Cal continued to the tomb of Kujet.

Duel with Merrin

Cal required an Astrium, which is a key to opening the Zeffo vault that houses Holocron. He was headed to the Tomb of Kujet to get the Astrium. There he confronted Merrin, a native nightsister. Kestis won her confidence by offering to hand his lightsaber to her. Merrin told Cal that previously another warrior had done the same but used his lightsaber to hurt her people. Cal assured her of his good intentions and was allowed to keep his lightsaber. Merrin then helped Cal get into the Tomb.

Duel with Taron Malicos

After entering the Tomb, Cal had a one on one with Taron Malicos. Taron was once a Jedi, but during Order 66joined the Dark Side. He offered Cal to join his side. On Cal’s refusal, Taron got hostile to the point that both had to bring out their lightsabers. Here, Cal split and used his lightsaber as a single blade. They were both growing into an intense fight. When Taron tried to throw a boulder at Cal. Merrin interfered in their fight and helped Cal by fighting alongside him. Eventually, they won the fight.

Duel with Second Sister

This part of Cal’s journey is clearly shown in the game Fallen Order. After defeating Taron, Cal took the Astrium and sailed to Bogano to obtain Cardova’s Holocron. While on his way to Zaffo vault Cal faces some challenges that he quickly cuts down.

Before Kestos could get his hands on the Holocron he was stopped by Second Sister. She had been hunting Kal since he came back from Ilum. They both brought out their lightsabers. Initially, Cal has the upper hand. He was able to snatch the Second Sister’s lightsaber. Yet, on touching her lightsaber, he was forced into a vision. The Second sister took this moment to her advantage and escaped Bogano with the Holocron.

Duel with Troops

Although, Cal’s journey is full of Troops duels. This was the first time he encountered a large army of regular, imperial and scout troops. They never missed a chance to make his path harder. Cal used his lightsaber to whip out all the troops. He then moved to his yacht to tell his companions about what had happened.

Duel with Darth Vader

The duel with Darth Vader is a pivotal point in the series and the second most important challenge shown in Fallen Order. After losing the holocron Cal went on a mission to retrieve it back. The whole team sailed to the Moon of Nur where the Holocron was traced at the Fortress Inquistorious, upon entering Cal had to fight with more troops, and then he once again came across the Second Sister. However, this time he was able to defeat her.

Just as he was done, Darth Vader appeared. Vader was enraged with the Inquisitors failing him. He summoned Cal for a duel. Cal refused to comply. So Vader was forced to tear apart the fortress in search of Cal. Just as Cal was ready to leave with Holocron. Vader interrupted. This time, Cal was forced to duel with Vader.

Their lightsaber clashing was intense. As both used the force energies to overthrow each other. Finally, Darth Vader got the leverage and shot Kestis's lightsaber out of his hands. Kestis summoned his lightsaber through the force but again lost it. Vader used Kestis's lightsaber to stab Cal. After some more fighting, Cal was able to get his lightsaber back and managed to escape Moon of Nur with his lightsaber and Holocron.

Destruction of Holocron

Cal saw how the Holocron was putting the whole Galaxy in a vulnerable position. If it got into the wrong hands. The information could be used for the wrong purpose. After coming back to his crew, Cal decided to destroy the Holocron. It was for the best. So he used the blade of his lightsaber to cut the Holocron in half. Eventually, it destroys the storage device.

After this incident, Cal changes his lightsaber fighting style. He made some changes to the lightsaber. For the most part, he decided to use it as a single blade. While the other half remained attached to his belt. That is how he shortened his lightsaber and used it as a single bladed weapon against the Galactic Empire.

Duel with Hexion Bounty Hunters

After 11 BBY, Cal Kestis went on a hunt against Chellwinark Frethylrin, an analyst who decided the Stinger Mantis (Yacht) crew. Cal used his lightsaber against the troopers and Hexion Bounty hunter while on his search.

Duel With Fifth Brother

After some time, Cal was on another mission to Murkhana in search of a Shroud, a cloaking device. Cal Kestis was once again put at the mercy of his lightsaber. He was on his way fighting through troops when the Inquisitor Fifth Brother thrust his lightsaber at Cal. However, Kal was saved by his crew. Later, another betrayal caused Cal to face the Fifth Brother yet again.

This time again, the Inquisitor was about to get Cal Kestis when he was luckily saved by an explosive thrown at the Inquisitor.

Duel with Ninth Sister

In 9 BBY, Cal was informed of Saw’s capture. He was a Partisan whom Cal was working with. Cal’s lightsaber was taken from his and gifted to Senator Daho by Boda Akuna. Cal was aware of this move, as Cal’s capture and lightsaber snatch was planned by him and his crew. Senator fell right into the trap. Cal however quickly retrieved back his lightsaber and used it to fight Ninth Sister who tried to stop him. Kestis killed the Ninth Sister while using his split single blade.

Duel with Dagan Gera

Cal Kestis was present on the planet Koboh where he was looking for Greez. Cal’s ship Stinger Mantis was damaged and needed repair. While finding Greez he was attacked by droids and Bedlam Raider. Just as Cal moved forward, a fallen Jedi, Degan Gera crossed paths with Kestis. Unbeknownst to Cal he had fallen to the dark side, Cal handed him his lightsaber. Degan saw this opportunity and began to bleed Cal’s blade. Cal quickly fetched his lightsaber back and fought Degan with it.

Duel with Lieutenants

While he was on Kaboh Cal was exploring Spies. His lightsaber once again saw action but this time against lieutenants. The first lieutenant Tague Louesh a Bedlam Raider used a double bladed lightsaber against Cal. However, Cal was able to defeat him. Soon after another Lieutenant, Drya Thornne, this one holding a cross guard lightsaber, attacked Cal. Cal won his lightsaber from him. He then dissembled the lieutenant’s cross guard lightsaber and removed the emitters. The emitters were removed to be replaced on Cal’s lightsaber.

Shielding Pilgrim’s Sanctuary

Cal’s crew informed him about Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, which was a safe house, and about to be discovered by the Empire. Before the Empire could get to the sanctuary, Cal used his lightsaber against the Imperial Excavation Team trying to stop them. He defended the sanctuary from troops, and from invasion of a Trident ship. Around this time, Cal paired a blaster with his lightsaber, introducing a combination weapon.

While on the shattered moon, Cal met Rayvis. Rayvis initially attacked Cal and tried to kill him. Before he could get another chance, Cal dueled with Rayvis and offered a peacemaking. Rayvis refused and was given a warrior’s death through Cal’s lightsaber.

The Final Betrayal

Kal and his crew consisting of Cere, Cardova, and Bode were busy locating the hidden Path to Tanalorr. Nobody got the hint of Bode’s mischievous planning and the betrayal that was going to hit them. Unknown to Cal and his crew, Bode had summoned the Imperial Forces.

Bode held Cardova at and snatched the Abyss Compass from him after killing the Jedi Master. Cal was shocked and saddened at the simultaneous news of death and betrayal. Overcome by anger Kal attacked Bode. Bode escaped on a Speeder Bike and Cal chased him. Cal shot a blaster at Bode’s bike and wrecked the ship, causing Bode to fall. Soon Cal had Bode engaged in a ferocious duel. Bode told Cal about another upcoming attack on Archive. Eventually, Bode struck Cal unconscious and ran. Cal firmly held his lightsaber, even though unconscious.

When he returned to his people in Archive yet another loss awaited him. True to Bode’s warning, Cal found Cere dead at the hands of Darth Vader. Cal was now more determined than ever to end Bode. He tracked Bode down through the Nova Garon System. He reached the base where he found Bode. Yet when Bode tried to escape, Cal Kestis for the first time tapped into his dark side and used that power to kill Bode.

Dual with Caij

There is another incident that hurts Cal deeply and he uses dark forces to take revenge. Even though it went against his beliefs. Cal was overcome with an onslaught of emotions. This time he used his lightsaber against Caij Vanda. Cal had previously helped Caij fight against troops.

In spite of that when Caij betrayed Cal. Cal is forced to strike Caij with his lightsaber.

Did You Know?

In Fallen Order, you can change the color of Cal’s lightsaber from the original blue to seven other options –Orange, Purple, Green, Magenta, Cyan, Indigo, and Yellow. More than that you can customize the material of the hilt as well!

The prominent reason why most fans awaited the sequel Survivor was because of the introduction of a new stance. The new advanced game gives you a true Cal lightsaber experience where you can switch between different forms like a cross guard, dual blade, single blade, blaster, and more. New color and feature options are also introduced for the lightsaber!


Cal’s journey had not reached its end yet. Let’s see what Star Wars has in store for us. Meanwhile, why don’t you try out his dual lightsaber from our neopixel collection at RX Sabers?

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars: Survivor (2023)

Jedi: Battle Scars

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Anakin know Cal Kestis?

Anakin Skywalker crossed paths with Cal Kestis before he joined the dark Side. After becoming Darth Vader, both got a chance to fight each other on the Moon of Nur. Vader stabbed Cal, but Cal was able to escape before it got worse.

What Jedi class is Cal Kestis?

Cal Kestis became a Jedi during the time of the Galactic Empire. Although Cal was born a force strive human male.

Is Cal Kestis one of the most powerful Jedi?

He's one of the few Jedi we've seen who is efficient in a variety of lightsaber techniques. Furthermore, when it came to actual combat, he frequently surprised more than capable Force users.

Is Cal Kestis alive in Star Wars?

Cal Kestis is alive and thriving as seen in the video games. He is ready to take on more challenges for his avenging journey. Let’s wait it out and see when his next appearance is due.

Is Cal The Last of the Jedi?

Cal Kestis may not be the last Jedi, but he is often mentioned along the lines of the last red-headed Jedi seen on the Star Wars screen.

What lightsaber form is Cal Kestis using?

Cal Kestis incorporated a wide range of diverse lightsaber forms into his postures. He began by using Form I: Shii Cho. Cal gradually began to rely more on Form VI: Niman. Jar’Kai soon followed with the use of his dual lightsaber.

Is Cal Kestis older than Obi-Wan?

Cal Kestis is way younger than Obi Wan Kenobi. He is the youngest known Jedi and was vigilant during the times of the Galactic Empire when others like Yoda retired.