Star Wars Day Lightsaber Sale in 2024

Raise your hands if you have been scouting this opportunity. Don’t be shy.

You and I both! We have been pressed for this moment. Why not?

May 4th is Star Wars Day, and it brings the best lightsaber deals for plasma blade lovers like us. This is the opportunity to fulfill our desires—time to grab from a variety of lightsabers without crying at the look of our wallets.

4th May 2024 Star Wars Day Sale

RX Sabers has a lot to offer in this regard. We have been stocking up for this Day Sale specifically. We offer premium material lightsabers with a wide range of customization options.

In honor of Star Wars Day, RX Sabers offers Star Wars Day Deals on more than 1500 lightsabers are presented to you at discounted prices. So you can add a shiny new lightsaber to your already-growing collection.

If not? Then as a beginner, this is your calling. Grab a lightsaber from our dense variety and enjoy the clashes!

What about Advanced Lightsabers?

Don’t you worry! RX Sabers has been doing this for a long time. We offer lightsabers from the simplest to advanced features.

If you enjoy a basic RGB lightsaber for your friendly yet not-so-friendly duels? We got you.

Complex soundboards like FX, Neopixel, and Proffie are a work of art. They allow you to explore a realistic Star Wars experience.

RX Sabers takes it one step further. We bring into the blend more ergonomic styles, functionality, and aesthetics to give you Darth Bane-like prominence.


Enough bragging.

Let’s take a look at the amazing lightsabers we have to offer on this special day.

Super Saber Savings

Super Sabers Saving Lightsabers are one of the best things related to LEGO Star Wars. The lightsabers have brought more variety to the table. Saving on these lightsabers always brings extra joy to Star Wars enthusiasts.

Our bestselling Super Sabers are almost always in demand. They have the best blades and offer simplistic designs for minimalist fans!


Rebel II lightsaber is a minimal lightsaber with a whopping discount deal. Mostly this lightsaber is reserved for beginners who want to explore the lightsaber world without the complexities. The hilt of the lightsaber is a straight road with bands for grips. However, the real beauty lies in the shape of the blade emitter supporting a 92 cm polycarbonate blade.

Rebel II comes with two soundboard options. The RGB lightsaber has 9W baselit LEDs, whereas the SN Pixel supports blinding 50W pixel bands. It has a long-lasting battery life. Additionally, the batteries can be easily changed!

Prominent Features

32 inches. Long blade, 2mm thick

9W Baselit LED (RGB), 50 W Pixels (SN Pixel)

27 pre-installed sound fonts

Special motion sensors in the SN Pixel version

Customer Review

‘Wonderful lightsaber for my son. He adores the style and quality of it so much.’ -Commented Joseph Edelstein


Splash is yet another basic-looking lightsaber! However, on closer look, you will see a special hilt with an extra long inch that gives you an ergonomic grip. The sleek hilt comes in a variety of colors including black, grey, silver, and lastly black and red.

Splash lightsaber is a good option for dueling because it offers a baelit RGB blade that is 2mm thick. The SN pixel version is quite a catch, with motion-sensitive sensors that zing to your swing! The price deal on this one is drool-worthy.

Prominent Features

Motion sensors, smooth swing, flash-on clash, gesture controls.

4 blade modes (RGB), 9 blade modes (SN Pixel)

A long-lasting lithium-ion battery

Complete customization option

Customer Review

This is the saber I bought for my kid, and he adores it. The Splash Lightsaber has exceeded his expectations.’ -Commented Elaine Baxter


One look at the Striker lightsaber, and you will be awe-inspired. The vintage-style classic lightsaber has the best hilt. The aesthetics are to die for. However, wait to fall in love with it. The style of the lightsaber sure serves the aesthetics. Yet it has a functional value as well!

The lightsaber comes in a gold and silver hilt. The inside of the hilt houses three kinds of soundboards. You can choose between a classic RGB to match the vibe. Or you can also get an SN Pixel and a Proffie version. Now, this is what we call variety at a good price!

Prominent Features

27 pre-installed sound fonts (RGB, SN Pixel), 25 pre-installed sound fonts (Proffie)

Tip drag, stab, melt, blaster, lock up and deflection (SN pixel, Proffie)

Can be controlled through a mobile app

All versions are updateable and customizable

Customer Review

The lightsaber functions well and is well-made. Six sound styles and twelve distinct colors are amazing.’ –Commented Dianne Belcher

Pixel Sabers

Pixel lightsabers are what we would call a prototype. They paved the way for the advanced lightsabers. It is mesmerising how you can individually address the LEDs in the blade to create effects that let you forget for a minute. The weapon in your hand is not a real kyber crystal. A true Star Wars moment.

With amazing budget-friendly deals. These lightsabers are a must-grab!


Hunter is a special kind of lightsaber. True to the name, it lives up to the hype. With a robotic-looking hilt, the lightsaber is presented to you with durable materials. This is a special discounted deal that offers functionality as well as aesthetics. If you dig the modern mechanical aesthetics.

We welcome you to test the motion sensors, smooth swing, and flash-on clash features. Don’t settle for the words until you have tried for yourself. Hurry up!

Prominent Features:

4 blade modes (RGB), 9 blade modes (SN Pixel), 9 blade modes (Proffie –expandable)

Special blade ignition modes in SN Pixel and Proffie Pixel version

Long-lasting, 2000mAh battery for all versions

4/8 ohm speakers

Customer Review

‘This is the first lightsaber I've ever bought, and I must say, it's been an incredible experience.’ -Commented Samuel Bhaver


The fifth lightsaber on our list is the Kingdom lightsaber. This lightsaber is a mixture of almost everything a lightsaber has to offer. The hilt game is quite strong; the metallic handle has back grips. The activation buttons in the middle are suitable for small hands especially, the front is bracketed with more metal and gives you a peak of the plasma blade before it emits. How cool is that!

Another lightsaber is available in all three versions. We suggest you try out the ignition modes on this blade. The stab melt, blaster, and lock up are something. Despite all this, you get to save $133 deals on a special deal!

Prominent Features

9W and 50W bright full-color spectrum blades

Controlled through a mobile app for easy access

High sound, non-interrupting speakers for the blade effects

All soundboards are customizable (RGB, comparatively limited space)

Customer Review

‘This saber is beautifully crafted, with every detail meticulously considered. It feels heavier, though.’ –Commented James Grossman


If you are purely on the light side of the force and want a Bell Zettifar moment. Don’t walk, but run towards this amazing cost-friendly deal. Save yourself and the Elphrona. The future of the Republic is on your shoulders!

 The hilt of the Bell One lightsaber is sleek and on the slim side. Small hand problem solved!  The rings in the middle offer a non-slip grip. However, it is the end of the hilt that is quite catchy. It gives you something to hold onto while you swing at your opponents.

Prominent features

Deflection and lock-up features are available

9 blade modes in the SN Pixel version

Motion sensors and gesture control for highlighted duel experience

Frosted aluminum alloy hilt that is durable to fault

Customer Review

It is made to last, this lightsaber. Premium materials are used in the construction of the hilt.’ –Commented James Granger

Cosplay Pixel Saber

Ahhh, finally we talk about sabers that are eye candy. Cosplay Pixer Sabers at RX Sabers are the best because they have a lot to offer. From durability to functionality. That is not common in most of the cosplay lightsabers.

With the amazing May 4th Day Sale deals, you can collect as many cosplay lightsabers as your wallet allows. Which, let us assure you that the Sales will be more than you expect. Excited yet?


This lightsaber can easily win over the whole Star Wars fandom because of its association with the all-time favorite Luke Skywalker. The sleek yet understated design and the lightsaber's Skywalker renown are what make it so popular. LSW Replica II is the greatest option for those who are drawn to simple designs.

It has the majority of the widely used and easily understood neopixel technology.
With 16–34 pre-installed sound fonts, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber can imitate more characters than any other Skywalker. The 36-inch polycarbonate blade is also hard to miss. In addition, the hilt has an improved XRGB 3.0 and a Proffie Pixel, SN Pixel board soundboard, which gives full access to all five Blade Modes, including Melt Tip, Tip Drag, and Flash on Clash.

Prominent Features

36 in. long, 2mm (XRGB) to 3mm (Proffie pixel) Blade

16 (XRGB) to 34 (Proffie pixel) Sound Fonts

2 (XRGB) to 5 (SN pixel) Blade Modes

Bright 19W (XRGB) to 50W (Proffie, SN pixel) LED strip

Customer Review

The level of quality and attention to detail is impressive. Being a lifetime admirer of Star Wars.’ –Commented Stephen Fleisher


If you thought the Skywalker Replicas were coming to an end. Think twice. After the Luke Skywalker moment, how can you miss the Anakin Skywalker moment? The lightsaber on this one is exactly how you pictured in the Star Wars series. The hilt design is simple, yet the protrusion makes the features easily accessible. Additionally, the black longitudinal grips are quite a catch.

ASW Replica EP2 has identical features to the LSW Replica II. The same soundboard with a new design and a variety of color options at a price you don’t have to think twice about!

Prominent Features

16 (XRGB) to 34 (Proffie pixel) Sound Fonts

2 (XRGB) to 5 (SN pixel) Blade Modes

Strong warranty policy

Full-color spectrum to enjoy stab, melt, and blaster blade features

Customer Review

A few weeks ago, I received the Anakin Skywalker replica lightsaber, and I couldn't be happier with it. It resembles the one in the movies exactly.’ –Debby Earnest


AT Replica is a high-demand lightsaber because of its practical and effective design. The lightsaber is no mess, a simple single-bladed lightsaber with the best grip. Because of the grip panel in the hilt, you can use this lightsaber for dueling. To top it off, the lightsaber has no RGB version.

It comes in an SN pixel and Proffie Pixel soundboards that offer you unimaginable customization options. The ignition blade modes on AT Replica are quite strong. Lastly, the realistic Star Wars lightsaber offers you a saving of a massive $172!

Prominent Features

32 inches long, 2mm thick blade

27 pre-installed sound fonts (SN Pixel), 25 pre-installed sound fonts (Proffie)

Advanced motion sensors, smooth swing, flash-on clash

2–3 Watts, 4/8 ohm speakers

Customer Review

It's my first Proffie sword, and I'm happy to have it on schedule. Fantastic lighting effects and excellent working.’ –Commented Mary Murray

Double Bladed Saber

For our advanced combat fandom, we bring double-bladed lightsabers at amazing price deals. 2 blades at almost the price of one would be stupid to pass up!

The double-bladed lightsabers are durable and easily manageable. RX sabers have taken into concern the worries of the fandom. So the double-bladed lightsabers come in special designs and sizes. To make sure people of all age groups can access the double plasma-bladed Star Wars gadgets!


Grab this 16-sound font, 12-watt miracle aluminum alloy double-bladed lightsaber. Recreate your DM Replica Star Wars moment with a lightsaber that is unbreakable. Despite the dimensions of the double-bladed lightsaber, it is designed to be easily maneuvered.

The metallic symmetrical design comes in a polished and withered look to match whatever vibe you are digging at the movement. Additionally, at the saving Sake Day price, you get a connector and blades to start your journey as soon as the DM Replica lightsaber arrives at your door!

Prominent Features

Motion-sensitive smooth swing, realistic humming, and clashing

High-definition sound effects

Heavy Dueling Quality

Premium LED with high-definition colors (12 Presets)

Customer Review

Excellent quality, Saber fulfilled my expectations, and delivery was quick. The saber hilt's appearance and feel are just what I had hoped for.’ –Commented Aide Aeron


Another double-bladed lightsaber that RX Sabers does not want you to miss out on. Because of the variety of options in soundboards like RGB, SN Pixel, and Proffie. It feels like you are building a lightsaber of your own. Only with the body of your favorite Star Wars characters, the replicas are the hyperrealistic opportunities for you to enjoy what you saw on the screens. Only now in real life. At the best tear-jerking prices!

The Ceristis double-bladed replica is designed for high-stress fighting situations, and it has motion sensors that trigger dynamic sound effects with every move. Its sturdy, break-resistant polycarbonate blade with a defusing coating guarantees both longevity and authenticity in intense combat.

Prominent Features

From 9W to 50W pixel blade in RGB and SN Pixel version

25 to 27 sound fonts

Advanced trip drag, lock up, and blaster features

5V charger with effective quick charging

Customer Review

‘This saber made my hubby happy. It had a sturdy handle and was expertly made.’ –Commented Zulema Sterlon


Now comes a fascinating asymmetrical double-bladed lightsaber. Live yours like Asajj Ventress. Wiled this lightsaber as Asajj did with fierce confidence, fair justice, and military tactics. The non-uniform design gives you the advantage of Form II. Practice the newer combat styles without a hefty amount of money!

The amazing thing is that the Ventraul double-bladed replica can be separated into two blades, like a split saber. Each side serves a purpose of its own. Another thing is that you can choose between different boards for the two lightsabers. The motion sensors and long-lasting battery on the double-bladed lightsaber are hard to miss.

Prominent Features

Full control via the mobile app. 

Upgraded S-RGB soundboard.

Long-lasting battery life

Full perks of SN Pixel and Proffie Pixel soundboards 

Customer Review

‘Highly recommended!’ –Sandra Edwards

Our Final Outlook

Hurry up and grab this chance before it slips through your fingers. What an amazing 4th May Day Sale deal where you can choose between a variety of your favorite lightsabers. That too at an amazing sales price.

However, do not forget to look at the features before the final click. You will be amazed at the functionality and durability of the RX Sabers lightsabers. If you are eyeing it then buy it already because we promise our lightsabers are worth the hype!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we celebrate 4th May Star Wars Day?

In celebration of the legendary Star Wars film series and its impact on popular culture, April 6th is designated as Star Wars Day. Every year on May 4th, fans from all around the world gather to celebrate the series with a variety of activities, and events. 4th May honors the sides of the force and the complexities of the Galaxies.

Who celebrates Star Wars Day?

Fans of all ages who are Star Wars addicts and enthusiasts come together to enjoy Star Wars Day. By the celebrations of the said day, you can tell the number of fandom is huge. The day is celebrated all across the globe.

Who started Star Wars Day?

The origin is not clear. However, the day stemmed from the phrase ‘May the force be with you’ turned into ‘May the firth be with you’. Soon it gained international popularity!

Where is Star Wars celebrated?

Star Wars is celebrated all across the globe, especially in the major cities where fandom likes to meet and hang out. The popular designated places for the past years have been London (United Kingdom) and Chiba (Japan) etc. 

How many days of Star Wars celebration?

The Star Wars celebration usually lasts for four days. However, that can be changed according to the locations and traditions of the place. Depending mostly on the fandom.

Where is the Star Wars Celebration 2025?
The first Star Wars Celebration to be hosted in Japan since 2008 will take place in Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, from April 18–20, 2025, as previously scheduled.

Best Star Wars Lightsaber Sales in 2024?

The best sales are May 4th Sales and occasion special day sales that follow all year round. Keep your eyes open for the Day Sales because they come with the best-discounted deals!

How old is Star Wars?

George Lucas developed the renowned Star Wars brand, which has a rich history lasting 47 years as of 2024. Everything started on May 25, 1977, when the first movie, subsequently dubbed "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope," was released.