Save Big - Top 10 Lightsaber Black Friday Sale in 2023

lightsaber black friday deals 

Each passing day is challenging the lightsaber production companies to put out a new lightsaber technology. You know what that means right? Endless possibilities for soundboards. The blade type of your choice. Lightsaber customizations to your heart and whatnot.

Not to mention a massive blow to your wallet!

However, RX Sabers understands what a true combat warrior wants. No matter what side of the force you stand with. We have got you covered. Our advanced Neopixel and Proffie Pixel technology allows you to add your special touch to the lightsabers.

If not, we have a selection of default Ignition and Blade modes available in more than 15 styles. With the 2023 Black Friday Sale around the corner. We suggest not to miss the chance of getting your hands on our top 10 lightsabers!


LSW Replica Lightsaber

The first lightsaber on our list is the Luke Skywalker Neopixel Lightsaber. This lightsaber is most liked because of its Skywalker reputation and the elegant yet simplistic design. For fans who are attracted to an uncomplicated design, LSW is the best choice. It features most of the common neopixel technology that is easy to understand.

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber has 16 to 34 pre installed sound fonts to mimic more characters than all the Skywalkers. Additionally, the 36 inch long polycarbonate blade is a hard miss. The hilt also houses an upgraded XRGB 3.0 and a Xenopixel board soundboard that allows complete access to 5 Blade Modes like Flash on Clash, Tip Drag, and Melt Tip, etc.

Lastly, with the long lasting 2000 mAh to 3600 mAh battery life you can either display the lightsaber or take full advantage of the advanced Neopixel technology in cosplaying among friends!

Special Features:

  • 36 in. long, 2mm (XRGB) to 3mm (Xenopixel) Blade
  • 16 (XRGB) to 34 (Xenopixel) Sound Fonts
  • 2 (XRGB) to 5 (Xenopixel) Blade Modes Bright
  • 19W (XRGB) to 50W (Xenopixel) LED strip

Customer review:

‘I jumped up and down when I saw the saber because it is amazing. The handle is extraordinary.’ –Commented Rachel Munson.

Starkiller Lightsaber

Starkiller lightsaber is quite a catch because of its unique design and hilt mechanics. Besides this lightsaber has earned a reputation by winning the top records in display aesthetics. RX Sabers introduces not only the looks but three different soundboard options in the same model. The hilt umbrellas an XRGB, Proffie, and Xenopixel sound boards. That makes Starkiller a multi functional lightsaber.

An array of options maturely raises a question about the battery. Don’t worry our Starkiller will reflect Darth Vader’s ferocity with durable 18650 Lithium ion batteries. The novel Porffie and Xenopixel board gives full control of the 7 ignition mode, 5 blade mode, 2-3W speaker, and light adjustment through an advanced mobile application. Excitingly, the space for a 16 GB SD card insertion is also available!

Unlike the Starkiller Clone, our lightsaber will not fail. With a catchy hilt. Additionally, it is constructed so the mid kyber crystal design in the second half of the hilt does not affect your grip.

Special Features:

  • 36 in. Polycarbonate Blade
  • 16 (XRGB) to 34 (Xenopixel & Proffie) pre installed Sound Fonts
  • 5 Blade Modes & 7 Ignition Modes (Xenopixel & Proffie)
  • 3 (XRGB) to 9 Blade Light Modes (Xenopixel & Proffie)
  • Control through Mobile Application

Customer review:

‘Perfect communication with RX Sabres for a durable lightsaber. Quick, simple, and personalized.’ –Commented Mike Farmer 

Maul Pro Double Bladed Lightsaber

The third lightsaber on our list is the unusual type. It is a convertible double bladed lightsaber that can act as two single blades! This is a dream come true for saberstaff fans.

Additionally, a hunt for combat perfectionists who like to challenge themselves. This one's for you. The best part is that, just like Maul’s lightsaber, this replica also has two different lightsaber styles.

Can you imagine the amount of fun and display you will get when an ergonomic design meets modern soundboard technology? Maul Pro comes with three advanced soundboards namely XRGB, Xenopixel, and Proffie. The motion sensors on both blades are sensitive and the motion control is in tune with motions in certain directions. Additionally, the blade light modes including candy, rainbow, and wrap can be enjoyed in unison or differently on both blades.

As for your wrists, we have already erased that concern by using a lightweight metal. Even with the blades combined, it is comparatively light and easy to handle.

Special Features:

  • 92 cm. Polycarbonate Blade
  • 16 (XRGB) to 34 (Xenopixel & Proffie) pre installed Sound Fonts
  • 5 Blade Modes & 7 Ignition Modes (Xenopixel & Proffie)
  • 3 (XRGB) to 9 Blade Light Modes (Xenopixel & Proffie)
  • Control through Mobile App

Customer review:

‘Enjoyed this lightsaber greatly. It has such delicate and sensitive swings.’ –Commented Edward Faeron

DM Double Bladed Replica Lightsaber

Finally, we talk about a lightsaber that has one of the easiest yet complex designs. Our DM Double Bladed Replica features a tech savvy yet monotonous style that appeals to lightsaber collectors.

Both double bladed sides of the lightsaber are symmetric. The best part is that our Darth Maul duplicate looks like something straight out of a Battle of Naboo. Not only that, RX Sabers gives you a chance to let your Shadow Collective leader come out. By using this lightsaber as a single blade if you have to!

The purpose of this design is to build a strong and clever dueling weapon. To help that DM Double Bladed Replica is powered by a rather long handle that has a strong and lightweight grip. The activator buttons are easily in reach despite the long length of the hilt.

Our buyers have complimented the long battery life of the lightsaber despite powering two blades. We recommend using DM Replica for lightweight dueling but strongly recommend you take advantage of the elegant design for cosplaying. Trust us, there is no questioning the worth because of the bright LEDS, 4-8 ohm speakers, and 7 ignition modes!

Special Features:

  • 92 cm. Polycarbonate Blade
  • 16 (XRGB) to 34 (Xenopixel & Proffie) pre installed Sound Fonts
  • 5 Blade Modes & 7 Ignition Modes (Xenopixel & Proffie)
  • 3 (XRGB) to 9 Blade Light Modes (Xenopixel & Proffie) 
  • Hilt is available in black and silver colors

Customer review:

‘My closest buddy received this lightsaber as a gift, and the joy on his face is priceless. This sword is suitable for intense duels.’ –Maria Sheldon

Dooku Replica Lightsaber

Continuing on the series of special designs is our second best lightsaber, the ‘Dooku Replica Lightsaber’. The magic behind the Dooku Lightsaber lies in the unique hilt design. If you are taking new steps into practicing combat techniques. I suggest you try out this lightsaber at least once. The curved hilt is known to give an edge and introduce new angles while fighting. Despite the katana-like silhouette, Dooku Lightsaber has an unforgiving grip.

Adding on, the hilt houses a Xenopixel Neopixel lightsaber that can be customized by an externally inserted SD card. Dooku Neopixel is bright and lets you enjoy all kinds of motion control. The blade responds quickly to the motion commands. Not to brag, but the indestructible hilt also lets you enjoy special blade styles like blaster, velocity, and ghost along with the standard style.

It has all the standard Neopixel features you can find in a lightsaber on the market. However, it is not a durable design. That is new and made to stand the force of a hit!

Special Features:

  • 3mm thick Polycarbonate Blade
  • 34 Pre Installed Sound Fonts
  • 7 Ignition Modes and 5 Blade Modes
  • Upgradable Xenopixel V3 Soundboard
  • 16GB SD Card Included in the Package

Customer review:

‘The package is really lovely. It has a nice carrying case. Its blades look fantastic as you swing them and are robust.’ –Commented Ronald Goodin

Guardian Lightsaber

If science and technology fiction were to mix and have a child. It would be this lightsaber. Guardian Lightsaber may look simple but don't fall for that. From the shape of the hilt and the blade to the sleek design everything about this lightsaber is uncomplicated. We are sure Guardian lightsaber will make the minimalists fall in love with it.

As there is no obnoxious display of features here. You can easily access the lightsaber features through the matte black hilt. The activator button is added to the front and we also provide a detailed guide manual.

Furthermore, the Guardian Lightsaber comes with two soundboards. RGB and SN Pixel lightsaber versions with the same looks. SN Pixel version is mostly to enjoy 11 ignition modes, 9 blade modes, 27 pre installed sound fonts, and more. Yet surprisingly the SN 50W pixel blade can also be used for heavy dueling!

Even with a traditional design, the 32 inch 2mm blade with diffusion of XRGB 3.0 colors looks otherworldly. Plus you can enjoy more sound fonts while dueling on a RXGB than possible. Because of the external SD option. Lastly, Guardian Lightsaber is powered by a 18650, 200 mAh lithium ion battery that powers 9W LEDS. Enough to last all day!

Special Features:

  • 36 Inch Long, 2mm Thick Blade
  • 5V, IA Output Charger
  • 10 (XRGB) to 27 (SN Pixel) Pre Installed Sound Fonts
  • 9 Blade Light Modes (SN Pixel)
  • 18650, 200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Customer review:

‘I was really excited to have this as my first lightsaber. I made a great choice by ordering a lightsaber like this.’ –Commented Darren Simmons

Manda Replica Lightsaber

For those of you who wanted a Manda Baselit but with a Xenopixel soundboard? RX Sabers has decided to satiate your wish. Why settle for less when you can have both? Or more? Well, then how about trying an advanced version of the previous lightsaber? Sure you want a good duel but the addition of motion sounds, ignition, and blade modes will enhance your fighting experience.

We say nothing jolts your senses more than gesture controls and quick responding blade effects. The thrill of the vibrations and the humming sound is unbeatable in heavy combat. Adding on, the tip drag, melt, and lock up features with 50W bright light are not any ordinary lightsaber specialties. They are programmed into a xenopixel neopixel board by RX Sabers to give you a superior Battle of Naboo adventure.

Besides the lightsaber hilt has more character and is available in two new colors than the Manda Baselit Lightsaber. Whatever suits your style and amazes you!

Special Features:

  • 50W Bright Pixel Blade
  • 9 Blade Light Modes & 7 Ignition Modes
  • Tip Drag, Stab, Melt features Available
  • Upgraded Xenopixel V3 Soundboard
  • Indestructible Design

Customer review:

‘Incredible saber. The app is used to control the blade colors. I find this functionality to be amazing.’ Jennifer Burch

Ember Zeffo Lightsaber

Ember Lightsaber is one of our personal favorite lightsabers. It is a hidden gem. Because of the uncomplicated nature of the lightsaber, you would not expect it to house bold and powerful features. We call it a beginner’s lightsaber for baby Star Wars combat fans. Definitely a black Friday sale price!

Ember Zeffo Lightsaber is a dark hilt cylindrical single blade lightsaber. It lets you enjoy a duel worthy XRGB soundboard as well as the Xenopixel Neopixel cosplay worthy soundboard. With two exciting options, you get to cosplay 16 to 34 pre installed sound fonts. Instead of messing with the ON/OFF button now, you can directly access 7 ignition and 5 blade modes from your mobile app. In return effectively saving you a lot of time and a nasty headache.

RX Sabers categorizes Ember Zeffo Lightsaber as a perfect choice for learning dueling. Due to its simple and serene design, you can easily focus on the task at hand. Besides it has a long battery life best for catering to uninterrupted combat sessions. Who knows you could be the next Darth Sidious!

Special Features:

  • 36 in. long, 2mm (XRGB) to 3mm (Xenopixel) Blade
  • 16 (XRGB) to 34 (Xenopixel) Sound Fonts
  • 2 (XRGB) to 5 (Xenopixel) Blade Modes
  • Bright 19W (XRGB) to 50W (Xenopixel) LED strip
  • 4/8 ohm Adjustable Volume Speakers
  • Hilt is available in black, silver, grey and gold colors

Customer review:

‘The hilt is attractively made. Strong enough for heavy dueling, the blade is sturdy. I adore the straightforward hilt design.’ –Commented Dorothy Hicks

Eagle Lightsaber

As a die hard dueling fan and a Yoda prodigy, we bet you can't say no to our Eagle Lightsaber. The specialty of Eagle Lightsaber is hidden in its blade and the emitter. Not to mention, the price of the lightsaber. It is the comparatively the most budget friendly lightsaber on our list that gives you all you need!

The Eagle lightsaber has a beautiful embellished design around the base of the emitter. On top of that the three ward emitter is strong and successfully protects the base of the 32 inch 2mm strong blade while fighting. The catchy fact about this lightsaber is that it is available in XRGB and Prodfie boards. Unlike the previous lightsabers, it is also available in another advanced 32 GB SD Card customizable board called SN Pixel.

SN Pixel is controllable through a mobile app and offers 11 ignition modes for all VIII lightsaber combat forms. Additionally, it has 27 pre installed sound fonts for you to war cry mimicking a wide array of Star Wars characters.

Special Features: 

  • 12W (XRGB), 50W (Proffie, SN Pixel) Bright Pixel Blade
  • 10 (XRGB), 25(Proffie), and 27 (SN Pixel) Pre Installed Sound Fonts.
  • 32 GB SD Card Included (Proffie, SN Pixel)
  • 9 Blade Modes & 11 Ignition Modes
  • Lithium Ion 2000 (XRGB), 3000 (SN Pixel), 3200 mAh (Proffie) Battery
  • Full Control through Mobile App

Customer review:

‘All of it is just wow with extraordinary features, mind blowing colors, and realistic sound fonts.’ –Commented Calvin Doster

Rebel II Phantom FX Lightsaber

Rebel II phantom lightsaber is another example of a simple yet durable lightsaber. Nothing obnoxious going on. Our last lightsaber may not be extra on the looks but there is certainly a lot going on in the hilt. Not to add, when it comes to strength and beating somebody up. Kidding. Striking somebody’s lightsaber. It is a total winner!

Rebel II Phantom Lightsaber is powered by RGB and SN pixel boards. The 12W to 50W bright LEDs in different models give you an amazing blade light experience. Couple that with various sound fonts and motion control movements and the lightsaber has total control. If you are a customization geek you can go the extra mile installing your developed fonts due to the option of an externally inserted 32 GB SD Card.

The battery life on Rebel II Phantom is long lasting and supports volume adjustment. Enjoy the full color spectrum by switching between different modes. If you have not tried the melt, lock up and deflection features yet, you are missing out on a lot!

Special Features:

  • 12W (XRGB), 50W (SN Pixel) Bright Pixel Blade
  • 10 (XRGB), 27 (SN Pixel) Pre Installed Sound Fonts
  • 32 GB SD Card Included (SN Pixel)
  • 9 Blade Modes & 11 Ignition Modes (SN Pixel)
  • 2-3 W, 4/8 ohm Speakers
  • Lithium Ion 2000 (XRGB), 3000 (SN Pixel) mAh Battery
  • Full Control through Mobile App
  • Hilt is available in black, grey, red, blue, gold, and silver colors

Customer review:

‘It has unbeatable features. The lights that the blades generate are bright and the life like noises made while swinging sound good. Also, it is quite robust.’ –Commented Petty Nicholas

Final verdict

If you are searching for the perfect lightsabers that are affordable and give you the same experience as those crazy expensive ones. Then stop looking. This is your chance to indulge in our huge black Friday sale. Check out our last stop website and satiate your curiosity.

In case your lightsaber is damaged. Do not panic! We offer package content consisting of a complimentary screw pack, Allen key, and more. Moreover, our shipping and tracking policy is equally easy to follow. Lastly, do not forget to look over our recommendations!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How realistic are Neopixel lightsabers?

Neopixel lightsabers are the closest to the real lightsaber visuals. The light effects combined with the sounds and small vibrations give a realistic Star Wars experience. Not like the plasma blades that can melt almost anything but close!

What is the best lightsaber model?

That depends highly on your personal choice. At RX Sabers almost all our lightsabers are customizable and offer more than one soundboard for multiple purposes. Check out our highest sellers in the list above!

What is the max power in NeoPixel?

That would be 60 milliamps in general to light the basic colors. However, it varies according to the model and the length of the blade.

How long do Neopixel sabers last?

Compared to RGB lightsabers Neopixel lightsabers take a while to charge and the battery lasts for a comparatively shorter time. In general, a durable lithium ion battery lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

Is Xenopixel bright?

Xenopixels are certainly more advanced and brighter than base lit RGB lightsabers. Not to mention, they are more than bright lights. A xenopixel LED strip of individually addressable lights enables awe inspiring light modes.

What is the best lightsaber length?

The lightsaber blades usually come in size 36in. to 39 in. The ideal blade choice can change according to your height and the durability of the lightsaber.