Colors Revealed: Pick Your Perfect Lightsaber

It is wrong to call yourself a Star Wars fan if you do not know the history behind most lightsaber colors.

If anything, the lightsaber is the first distinguishable gadget. Among laser whips to pikes that any Star Wars fan remembers.

So in my opinion, it would have gotten a bit difficult. If there were to be only two lightsaber colors to represent the whole Star Wars Galaxy.

Did you know?

Initially, George Lucas planned to go with the primary Red and Blue lightsaber colors of the Force. However, later it was decided otherwise. So all Star Wars characters and their specialties could pop out. So glad we dodged that bullet!

Why different colors?

The secret lies in the acquisition process of the lightsaber. It’s not that a Jedi is assigned the lightsaber color with the turn of the magic.

The finder travels to the designed Star Wars places, mostly the Cave of Ilum, Solari, or Dantari to get their kyber crystal. Each crystal is special and in tune with the nature of the finder.

This is why at first all kyber crystals are the same basic color. Only after they are found and match with the finder’s frequency do they change their color. The finder will meditate for a few days to turn the color of the kyber crystal.

So, the color of the crystal changes in accordance with the crystal type, the personality of the finder, and the shape of the hilt.

Adding on, there is something fascinating about the red villains that must have captured your attention. A Sith can usually bleed a kyber crystal stolen from a Jedi and change it to the universal evil red color.

Behind The Scenes

Not to mention, if we look at behind the scenes, many actors like Samuel. L Jackson requested a unique color for their lightsaber. So the gadget would stand out in the Battle during the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Similarly, more movies were released to the audience. It was becoming a necessity to add more colors to avoid confusion and instill ripples of excitement in the fans.

Besides, the colors also helped distinguish the most powerful, nefarious, and evil Star Wars characters.

Lightsaber Colors

As huge as Star Wars Canon is, there was bound to be some color introduction to bring out the different good and the bad guys. Personally, colors are easily something that group together characters with similar force traits and properties.

Let’s test your knowledge of the lightsaber colors and find out how much you know about red, blue, pink, and more lightsabers!

Blue Lightsaber

Blue is easily the most spotted and the oldest color in the Star Wars galaxy. It is that permanent side of the force that represents the good and the brave. Initially, all Jedi warriors get the blue kyber crystal. From their initiation days till they decide their path otherwise.

Canon or Non-Canon, the blue lightsaber represents the warriors of the galaxy that use their power of force to instill peace and prosperity in The Galaxy. Since the first appearance in Star Wars: The New Hope, Jedi warriors have used powerful blue lightsabers against their zealous nemesis to contain the chaos and bring justice.

Additionally, many frontline Jedi warriors used their blue lightsabers to deflect bolts, melt metals, fight droids, and more. Not to add even the most notorious character Darth Vader once held the blue lightsaber and took his first force steps from there.

Prominent Users:

Obi Wan Kenobi

Anakin Skywalker

Cal Kestis

Red Lightsaber

Where there is a blue lightsaber, the red one is not far behind. However, unlike the previous one, red lightsaber is the polar opposite. The lightsaber represents everything dark and dangerous to The Galaxy.

Usually held by the Sith Lords and Imperials, the red lightsaber represents anger, hate, and destruction. The acquisition process is also different. Unlike the Jedi, the Sith cannot connect with the crystals, so they had to develop their synthetic crystals in Star Wars Legends.

That is probably the reason why the Sith were one step ahead in technology. Another way they formed red crystal blades was by ‘bleeding’. They bled their anger, angst, and hatred into the crystals till they took a bright red hue.

Prominent Users:

Darth Vader

Darth Sidious

Count Dooku

Green Lightsaber

The green lightsaber is seen in the hands of senior Jedi who are more interested in the spiritual peace of the force than an armful of combat. It represents wholeness, spirituality, and harmony. More simply, it was held by Jedi Consular, who were the masterminds behind the Jedi force and knew the inner workings of the Galaxy.

With more experience and wisdom, the Jedi Consular used their knowledge to guide the junior Jedi during their initiation. Jedi consular are also part of the circle that made the big Jedi decisions.

Prominent Users:


Qui Gon Jinn

Luke Skywalker (Before Sequel)

Purple Lightsaber

Moving on, purple lightsaber is simply a combination of red and blue lightsaber. Meaning? The holder of the purple lightsaber chooses his path independent of the side of the force. That is how Mace Windu was seen holding the purple lightsaber for the first time in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

In fact, the story behind his lightsaber is quite unique. Mace Windu Star Wars character is played by actor, Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel is quite fond of Star Wars himself. So he wanted to customize his character. He wanted his kyber crystal to stand out. Not to mention, a different color will definitely leave a mark on the fans.

By now you must have gotten the hang of the meaning, though. Purple lightsaber as rare as it is indicating uncertainty, independence yet nobility, and consistency.

Prominent user:

Mace Windu

Yellow Lightsaber

A yellow lightsaber first appears at the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Where it was revealed as a pleasant surprise to the fans.

Although I would say in, the Star Wars Canon, Rey Skywalker is the first Jedi to hold the yellow lightsaber. She basically constructed that lightsaber following The Resistance War.

However, the yellow lightsaber has long been introduced in comics beforehand. It appeared in Star Wars Legends Universe, Tales of the Jedi, 1993. If we look at the character's bounty hunter, Asajj Ventress bought the same yellow lightsaber in the black market.

Additionally, the yellow crystal lightsaber is also associated with Ahsoka Tano because of its unique design. Lastly, the prominent Temple Guards that has double bladed yellow spike crystals. They are recognized by their yellow bladed weapons guarding the Jedi Temple. This clearly indicated the meaning behind the yellow color. That is loyalty, clarity, and warmth.

Prominent Users:

Temple Guards

Rey Skywalker

Asajj Ventress


White Lightsaber

White lightsaber like purple lightsaber is closely associated with Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka built her own lightsaber from kyber crystals that she got from the Imperial while she was in hiding. Now of course the Imperials crystal was red.

Ahsoka meditated with the crystal and reversed the bleeding process. Surprisingly, the color appeared to be white. Furthermore, Ahsoka used two hilts to create two short bladed, separate white blades. The blades she used extensively throughout Star Wars.

A white lightsaber, true to its color, symbolizes majesty and purity. This is another well-known truth. Notice Something?

White is another force color on this list that is not associated with either the blue or red sides of the force. As witnessed in Ahsoka’s duel with Darth Maul!

Another thing is that a white lightsaber appeared in the hands of Fel Empire for a brief period. This time period is before Ashoka and with what information we have. Fel Empire shared the same belief as Ashoka’s.

Prominent Users:

Ashoka Tano

Rey Skywalker

Orange Lightsaber

Honestly, the orange lightsaber took me by surprise as well. There has been an appearance of an orange lightsaber in the hands of villain Baylan Skoll in Star Wars Legends. Based on that, you can see orange overlaps a bit with the dark side. Although, I would say it is clearly a league of its own. Due to not having much screen time, other than legends, the meaning behind the color is yet unclear.

However, in the new game series Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor orange lightsaber has once again been introduced, you can choose between several blade colors and give the color a symbol of your choice.

Prominent Users:

Byalan Skoll

Shin Hati

Black Lightsaber (Dark saber)

Despite being a rare color, dark saber quickly gained popularity among the Mandalorians.

Scratch that. The black lightsaber is more unique than rare.

It is a special lightsaber that was first created by another Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizla. Since its debut in The Mandalorian, it has become the symbol of pride for the Mandalorian population. After its debut, black lightsaber appeared in several Star Wars Canon projects, including The Rebels and Skywalker Saga.

Additionally, prominent Star Wars characters like Bo Katan Kryze, Din Djarin and at one point Darth Maul also wielded the dark saber. Best of all, what attracts the audience is the catchy design of the short black blade with a white hue around it. To bring out the color against various backgrounds. Lastly, dark saber indicated power, aggression, and enigma.

Prominent Users:

Bo Katan Kryz

Din Djarin

Darth Maul

Moff Gideon

What color is best for you?

There is no way you have come this far down the article without picking your color already!

Your mind must have thought along the lines of ‘Aha! This color reflects perfectly how I feel on the inside.’

Different colors represent different properties. Try to see your reflection in a colored lightsaber blade. Which side of the force compels you? Are you the loyal and strong kind that likes peace? Or are you the mischievous kind that likes to spice things up with a little uproar?

Your best color could be after your favorite character. Do you like to side with stormtroopers with questionable aims? Or are you obsessed with Obi Wan Kenobi’s wisdom?

Down below, I have narrowed down the meaning of the lightsaber colors. So you can choose what suits you the best!

Blue - Peace, Prosperity, Bravery

Red - Anger, Angst, Hatred

Green - Wholeness, Spirituality, Harmony

Purple - Independence, Nobility

Yellow - Loyalty, Clarity, Warmth

White - Purity, Independence, Neutrality

Orange - Creativity, Willfulness, Passion (mixed with Evil)

Black - Power, Enigma, Aggression.

Final Words

You would think that the lightsaber stories end here. But no.

There is more to the colors than you think. I have mentioned a broad category of colors that you should know as a fan. However, as you delve deeper into the Star Wars Universe you will see more colors like Cayan Blue and Pink lightsabers. That has a somewhat similar meaning to what I have written above.

Explore what colors are common between you and The Galaxy by browsing other blogs on RX sabers. We have covered the lightsaber history in detail by color and characters!

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

What color lightsaber is the best?

The most reliable color is the blue lightsaber, which has been around too long. Not only is the color held by the best Star Wars characters, but it also represents peace and prosperity. Besides, the color is here to stay as it represents one side of the force, without which there would be no Star Wars.

Which Jedi has two lightsabers?

Ahsoka Tano used two short white bladed lightsabers. Both blades are different yet unique in their way. Ashoka came a long way, acquiring the blades she herself constructed.

What is the weakest lightsaber color?

According to the University of Leicester study red surprisingly appeared to be the weakest lightsaber color. Although, red color has the potential to one up the blue color. However, according to the stats, blue color is refereed by most of the Star Wars fans.

Which is better blue or green lightsaber?

I always say to look inside yourself while deciding. Blue is attractive due to its deep background and for people who like to fight on the front line. On the other hand, green is attractive to those fans who are peaceful and like to use their brain rather than their body while fighting.

Is purple lightsaber good?

Purple is a combination of good and bad. Whatever side the character leans with, the thing about a purple lightsaber is that it indicates resilience and strength. If these characteristics align with the good side, then good for us. If not, then we better prepare for massive destruction!

What is the unique lightsaber color?

Black is as unique as it is rare. It has only been viewed on the Star Wars screen a couple of times. Also known as the dark saber, it has been mostly found in the hands of evil and dark side wilders. Dark saber is as special as it is uncommon.