Clash of Kyber: Lightsaber Combat Forms

Lightsabers are one of the biggest and most used weapons in Star Wars history.

Have you seen Sith use the lightsabers? Check.

Additionally, have you seen Jedi use lightsabers? Double check!

As common as the lightsabers are, there has to be a proper and professional way to maneuver such a weapon. No?

Need of Combat forms

Lightsaber Combat Forms also known as the Jedi forms is a fighting technique that allowed the Jedi to make the most out of their lightsabers. Whether it is in terms of fighting on the frontline for peace or for other never ending galaxy purposes. Combat forms let you live through these problems.

Also, no, the combat forms not only pertain to using the right blade force. It encompasses various aspects related to the lightsaber. That includes using the hilt, how to deflect the bolts, the right angle to move your body, and whatnot!

Cutting it short, there are seven combat forms under the Saber Legion. Each form is different from the other.

Even so, according to the evolution of technology and enemies in the galaxy. Some combat forms have faded away. Better and smarter lightsaber techniques have replaced them. Additionally, newer forms with their subclasses were also introduced later on.

Without wasting more time, let’s see how different combat forms help you get an upper hand in duels, fight against the dark forces and bring peace to the Galaxy.

Form I: Shii-Cho

Form I is the earliest form of the combat, with the most basic yet powerful steps. Any Jedi Padawan takes his first lightsaber steps with Shii-Cho technique. You see it would be hard to skip this as it forms the base for the complex and modern combat techniques. More so when other combat techniques fail. A Jedi can always fall back on Shii Cho for defense.

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars during defense against the order you can see the mass of Jedi using this fast technique sending blurring yet wide shots against their enemies. Additionally, once you have mastered this Shii Cho you have adequate command over your lightsaber to learn higher complicated combat forms.

Form II: Makashi

Makshi technique was more of the requirement of the time as the Sith were gaining power and popularity. Jedi needed more than defense to maintain peace in the Galaxy. That is how Makashi was introduced as it not only teaches you defense but also an offense against your opponent. Makashi is a martial art form that teaches you to fight with one hand while keeping the balance. Additionally, you can focus your whole body strength on that arm.

But it goes beyond that, too. More than that Makashi also aids in honing your two blade simultaneous technique! In Star Wars, notable Jedi like Count Dooku used and perfected this technique.

In fact, Count Dooku's pride led to his downfall. Slowly, Makashi was replaced by Soresu.

Form III: Soresu

As time passed, the Sith were becoming powerful and blasts were in at the moment. Soresu or Form III also goes by the name Way of the Mynock. It teaches you the right time and speed to deflect the blasters. Soresu replaced Makashi because of its speed, active defense, and resilience, the real popularity came from Obi Wan Kenobi who was a true master of Soresu. He could deflect numerous blocks at a time and at a blurring speed.

More so, Luke Skywalker mentioned how Form III also became part of the training program for Jedi young lings because of its appraisable defense mechanism. Also, Siresu is an extension of Jedi beliefs when it comes to the ‘no harm only defense’ Jedi policy.

Form IV: Ataru

Ataru is no kid's game!

The previous fighting styles are more connected to the Jedi. However, both the Jedi and the Sith have adopted Ataru. This style is more aggressive and hostile.

You know what that means, right? It is against the Jedi beliefs.

So Ataru eventually became more of a Sith style and one of the best Sith forms to date. Not only was it popular among the Sith but its combat teachings are one of the most refined!

If we look back to the Old Republic days and before, there are several Jedi who used this fighting style. However, they were experienced, wiser Jedi who used Ataru to bring peace and be on level with the enemies. Ataru is a powerful dueling technique that can be used to bring peace as well as harm. Depending on the user and his connection with the force. Another thing is that the user has to rely heavily on the strength of his Force beliefs.

A remarkable duel between Yoda and Darth Sidious is a one on one Ataru example in Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith. Other than Yoda, Qui Gon also excelled at Form IV.

Form V: Shien & Djem So

Shien and Djem So is the perfect blend of both combat forms. Form V primarily originates from Form III. Sometimes you have to level down to your opponent’s platform to outshine them. So, just like Form III, form V teaches you defense but also an advanced form of offense, so much so that many Jedi disagree with Form V as it is against Jedi principles.

However, this form has been used by prominent Jedi and Sith. Shien teaches you to deflect the blaster shots from a distance. Whereas, Djem So is more of a close up, lightsaber to lightsaber. clash style. Additionally, Djem So is closer to Form III when it comes to the use of parries and solid blocks. Ahsoka was a big fan of Djem combat style.

Ahsoka trained to be a Djem So expert mastering close battle fights and offensive lightsaber whips.

Overall Form V makes you capable enough that your opponent has no chance of catching you off guard.

Form VI: Niman

Niman or Way of Rancor is a combat style that Darth Sidious much preferred. He liked to combine all the previous combat forms to pull out a combined yet versatile form. He not only practiced it but also trained Darth Maul with the same style.

Another surprising thing is that this technique is a perfect blend of previous techniques. Many Jedi shied away from Niman because it can be a little hostile towards your opponent. However, the Sith were thrilled with this technique because Form VI is known to give power to the lightsaber wielder.

Form VII: Vaapad

Vaapad also goes by the name Juyo. However, Vaapad is more refined and adaptable than Juyo. Long before the Skywalker Saga when the Form 1 was around. Form VII originated, but was too aggressive to be used solely for the purpose of peace and defense. Over time, it faded away.

Later it was picked by Mace Windu. He took it upon himself to refine and practice the form. He eventually got so good at it. Vapaad helped Mace Windu overthrow Darth Sidious and that was no easy task. The trick behind Vaapad like most previous combat forms is that it is a force sensitive technique that channels in your force connection before the final blow.

Forms after Order 66?

During the Order 66, many Jedi were wiped out.

You know what that means. Right?

With the hunt of the Jedi, the lightsaber combat forms were becoming extinct. There was nobody to properly train and outright help the new Jedi stick to the years of practice before Order 66.

During that time period, Jedi like Cal Kestis and Ezra Bridger came up with their fighting stances. They trained and put together what little techniques they could. Often they had to use gadgets other than lightsabers to defend themselves.

Other Jedi like Ashoka that were in hiding stuck to the Jedi combat techniques and practiced them when fighting. However, with the new Jedi Order, Rey introduced a combination of previous as well as new fighting forms that were refined and equally good.

Three major forms were introduced under the new Jedi Order.

· Strong Style: Focused on the strength and the power of the strike.

· Medium Style: A balance between speed and power.

· Fast Style: Multiple quick attacks with the lightsaber blade.

Resistance to lightsaber forms?

Lightsabers are well known. Yes. Yet, they are not the only weapons used by the Jedi.

Also, lightsabers can malfunction as well. There are certain cases in which lightsabers are not able to perform as good.

Meaning? While in combat, try not to come across these materials. It will render your combat style redundant.

· Water: Lightsaber sizzles and dies when submerged in water.

· Ultrachrome: Lightsaber is unable to penetrate ultrachrome. Additionally, it is unaffected by the lightsaber shots. Not only lightsabers but numerous other gadgets are unable to damage it.

· Cortosis: Cortosis is also a resistant material but less powerful than ultrachrome. It can also render your lightsaber useless when compelled against any chrome material.

Cheat Codes for using Combat Forms?

As a huge lightsaber fan myself. I will tell you certain cheat codes from my experience that will make your combat journey smooth. Especially since I have noticed many beginners who tend to overlook particular aspects of lightsaber.

What are those, you ask? Let’s begin!

1. It is easy to be enchanted by the bright, sleek and shiny blade. However, remember, a lightsaber is not all about the blade. It has other lightsaber parts like the hilt and various modes and sound effects. The use of all these parts in combination results in fewer mistakes and a better fighting style.

2. Secondly, there is more than a single way to fight using your lightsaber. Often, fans do not advance past the ‘deflect’ or ‘dodge’ phase. You can learn offense with zero practice if you use the right combat style.

3. Thirdly, do not be afraid to use your lightsaber. Yes, use your lightsaber with force. Neopixel lightsabers available at RX Sabers are combat worthy and can withstand strong duels. So, if you want to really learn combat forms, polite taps are not it.

4. The next thing you need to focus on is stability. Root your feet to the ground and move your upper body. Do not hop around trying to avoid the attack. First, learn to be stable on your feet and practice the arm work. So all body zones are in coordination.

5. Lastly, it is okay if you are not good at certain aspects of fighting! That does not imply that you should completely give up. No one in the entire cosmos will persuade you!

Practice one thing you are good at and ace it!

Three Firbidden Combat Forms

The forbidden combat forces are called so because they are associated with the sith. There are three uncanny forms that were used by the Sith during the Sith Wars as recalled in Jedi Cervil, 232 BBY.


Trakata is a quick response combat form that utilizes more than one weapon. It is known for its knee jerk fight response by wielding special Melee weapons. During the Sith Wars numerous weapons consisting of sith swords, lightsabers, vibroweapons, spears, and axes, were used to win a battle.

So, Trakata requires expertise in multiple areas of force. From a lightsaber to hand combat this fighting form is about utilizing all sources available.

Some lightsaber experts label Trakata as the most dangerous combat form. Hence, it is included in the forbidden lightsaber forms.

Additionally, Trakata is also another form that Ahoska once utilized to confuse her opponent. You can easily divert your enemy's attention with the seedy lightsaber ignition and non ignition ability!


Surprisingly Juyo and Vapaad are also included in the forbidden list.

Unsurprisingly they may be the same but there is a difference! Also, the difference is what adds them to this list. Juyo is closer to the dark side of the fore and allows the wielder to embrace all his emotions. So, he can channel the rage into fighting dirty.


Similarly, Vappad is another darker form of Juyo. only it is more sophisticated and prevents emotions from getting out of control.

It teaches the user to bottle and concentrate the emotions. Vapaad is a bolder, direct but more refined from of Juyo.

Final Verdict

Nobody knows you better than you. Not even Master Yoda. Something must have clicked when you played around with your lightsaber. That click will save you!

Another great way of assessing is by asking questions like are you good at offense or defense? How fast are you? Answers to questions like that will help you determine your combat form. May you be undefeatable then!

However, before I say goodbye. I cannot emphasize enough on safety.

Sure, I said use your might while fighting. Though, that includes ensuring your safety. Like the Jedi younglings, you can gradually learn the basic combat forms before advancing to complex Sith techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has mastered all 7 forms of lightsaber combat?

Darth Sidious is one of the major Star Wars characters who is an expert in all combat forms. He was an excellent lightsaber fighter who switched between several fighting forms. He was so good that he later added another Sith combat form as well!

What is the most effective form of lightsaber combat?

The lightsaber forms that allow full commitment to the force are not only the best but also reliable and effective. Forms like Vaapad and Shien allow the user to channel all his force strength in an offense and defense strategy.

Is there an 8th form of lightsaber combat?

There were many forms developed late after Form VII. However, during the Great Sith War, ancient Jedi developed a technique that was aggressive but also a great advantage when used for the good. Sokan or Form VIII is a technique involving agile mobility and high kinetic movement.

Did Yoda know all 7 forms?

Grandmaster Yoda was competent in all Jedi forms like other Jedi instructors Cin Drallig. He was quite good at both the ancient and modern combat forms and trained many brave Jedi warriors.

What is Palpatine's fighting style?

Although Palpatine had dominance over all combat forms preferred Juyo Form VII. It matched his taste for violence and let him get the upper hand with an extra offense against the offender.

What is the most aggressive lightsaber style?

Form VII or Vaapad is known as the most aggressive combat form. That is because it is a multipurpose combat form that only those with a strong connection to the force can utilize. Furthermore, only experienced Jedi and Sith warriors had command over this form.