Effects Battle: Neopixel vs. RGB Lightsabers

 The word ‘Neopixel’ is everywhere, and now it is associated with the iconic Star Wars gadget, the Lightsaber.

The ultimate goal of most lightsaber production companies is to build something as close to the fictional laser weapon as they can. The more realistic and relatable the lightsaber weapon is to the movies, the better. It has to have the same fluorescence and illumination. Also, the same blade strength, shine, and functionality are essential. So the fans can feel like the true Sky walkers.

However, now that the new lightsabers are out for the hungry fans. The most sought after neopixel lightsaber questions are no longer unanswered.

Is the newer technology better than the previous RGB lightsabers? Or is it simply a fancy name? What new things do neopixel lightsabers offer? Is it multi-functional? And the list goes on and on.

Only one way to find out. Read on to satiate your curiosity if you are looking into buying neopixel lightsabers.


Comparative Analysis?

1. Blade Winner

When you are looking for a lightsaber, it depends a lot on what you want. Mainly what purpose your lightsaber will be serving?

You see, a lightsaber blade is designed while keeping the objective in mind. A heavy duel lightsaber blade is a lot different from the cosplay blade. While dueling, there will be plenty of direct blade strikes. So the blade needs to be durable and harder. On the other hand, cosplay blades are designed to look pretty.

Similarly, fans who like to collect lightsabers focus more on the looks and aesthetics. So, when it comes to neopixel lightsaber. It has LED strips incorporated into the blade that give brighter illumination than a base lit RGB lightsaber. Not only the illumination but the changes in light colors, swing, strike, and swoosh modes are more highlighted in a neopixel blade. This way, Star Wars lightsaber collectors can be enchanted and satisfied easily. neopixel lightsabers give the best looks!


However, for ambitious duel lovers, stronger blades are recommended. Heavy grade polycarbonate blades with different lengths are best suited to withstand the impact. You no longer have to be scared of breaking the blade on a mere sneeze. Yet, the catch is that since the neopixel lightsaber has LEDs in the blade.

It can be easily damaged on a direct, powerful strike. Leaving dark spots on the blade. Conclusively, choosing a heavy grade base lit RGB blade for dueling is the smart choice.

2. Effects Winner

Neopixel lightsaber shows enhanced effects as the soundboard has more capacity for all different kinds of modes. These range in color, sound, and motion effects. Whereas, you can also customize the effects with the help of an SD Card. On the flip side, RGB lightsaber has a limited capacity to play around. Additionally, the difference in blade construction restricts the RGB blade from giving the same experience as the neopixel one.

Not to mention, ‘twisting lightsabers’ and ’sudden forward’ motions will turn the lightsaber on and off. However, only in neopixel variation.


3. Color Winner

Neopixel blade has LED strips installed within the blade’s surface. As they are closer to the polycarbonate blade and have a smart controlling system. Neopixel LEDs not only give better illumination but also effects. Different LED colors along the strip will have the same brightness as compared to the RGB lightsaber. Beselit RGB light fades away as you move up the blade. Similarly, due to this specificity, many blade modes are automatically eliminated.

Usually, it is 50 Watt RGB LED with 12 light presets for the RGB lightsaber, but can change in neopixel lightsaber according to the soundboard capacity.

4. Modes Winner

The best part about a neopixel lightsaber is its several modes. The secret behind the fame is the liberty neopixel lightsaber provides the user to enjoy realistic duels or cosplays. Here you can enjoy particular ignition and blade modes.

Another good thing is that you can customize the default modes to what you like with the help of an external memory card. Neopixel lightsaber offers photon ignition, stack ignition, warp ignition broken ignition, and phaser ignition modes. Whereas the blade modes range from Standard, Fire Blade, Unstable, Ghost Blade to rainbow blade and Blaster Blade. On the contrary, RGB offers only 3 blade modes.


5. Functionality Winner

There are several deciding factors when it comes to functionality. However, we should settle the score beforehand. In my opinion, usability of both lightsabers is equal. If you are getting one thing served, then the other is taken away. For example, while the neopixel lightsaber is flashy and advanced, it can be damaged easily. On the other hand, an RGB lightsaber is strong and durable but comes with limited features.

As long as your purpose is met, then you can rule out the zero functionality option.

6. Sound Themes Winner

In this case, neopixel lightsaber is a big winner. Depending on the soundboard type, there are several options. An average neopixel lightsaber has 34 sound themes. Delightfully, the range can be expanded in the Xeno and Proffie lightsaber.

This means that you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite characters with the supportive swinging blade sound in the background. Highlighting your experience by ten times!

Furthermore, RGB lightsabers contain 9 built in sound themes.

7. Aesthetics Winner

The sound themes can be altered with the use of an external SD card. Nevertheless, there's no guarantee that the RGB lightsaber's sound range will be increased.

When it comes to aesthetics neopixel is a clear winner. As compared to the RBG lightsaber, the blade as well as the body and other key components of the neopixel lightsaber are modern and versatile.

Better yet, you can kill two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy the easy beginner lightsaber dueling and cosplay within the same neopixel lightsaber. You know what? RGB lightsabers could be used for the same purpose but when it comes to the display blade visuals. RGB lightsaber loses the race.


8. Battery Life Winner

Neopixel lightsaber consumes more battery than an average lightsaber. Because of the number of LEDs and a different soundboard, the battery life is different from RGB lightsabers. An average neopixel lightsaber takes 90 minutes to 120 minutes to charge and can last about 2 to 4 hours. It all depends on the neopixel color and mode type.

RGB lightsabers consume less power and will easily give you a whole day to enjoy with. Not only that, it charges rapidly as well.

All in all both lightsabers use 3600 mAh lithium battery. Additionally, you can remove the battery and replace it without having to replace the entire model. Such a battery will last you a whole day with cosplaying.

9. Components Winner

Components are one thing where no analysis is required. Both the neopixel and the RGB lightsaber essentially share the same components. However, there is a degree of difference between the blade types.

On counting, both lightsabers require a good quality blade that matches the purpose. A strong alloy metal hilt. The hilt should house a soundboard, power button, coupler, pommel cap, etc. You can customize your lightsaber with different materials for a personalized touch. However, both lightsabers share the same major components physically.


10. Types Winner

Another thing to add to the list where both lightsabers share the same parts is the types. By types, I mean the forms in which you can find your lightsaber. For example, both neopixel and RGB lightsabers are available in cross guard, double bladed, extended blade, and convertible forms.

It is not possible that there is no difference. Sure, there will be some minor variations, but they are the ones that have already been discussed. It will be hard to spot a lightsaber type that is in neopixel form but not in an RGB form.


A reversed way through which you can look at the lightsaber limitations is. You look at what you want. Rather than what the lightsaber is offering you.

Yes, there are limitations in both the neopixel and RGB lightsabers. However, it all boils down to you choosing the right lightsaber.

Neopixel lightsaber has a lot to offer when it comes to realistic Star Wars gadgets. However, the battery life, cost, and durability are some of the limitations that make you think twice. Neopixel lightsabers are expensive compared to other lightsaber. The more adaptations and customization you add to the lightsaber, the costlier it can get.

However, if you are saving for it. I promise you it is worth the experience! About RGB lightsabers. You already know it. RGB lightsabers offer a strong and durable blade with a longer battery life. However, there is not much glam to roll out when it is placed next to neopixel lightsaber.


Now that you have read all about both the lightsabers. Below is the final call.

One look below, at the features of both the lightsabers, will help you take the final step!

Neopixel Lightsaber RGB Lightsaber 
Offers Customization and Special Effects  Special Effects Not Possible
Costs More Costs Less
Premium Look Premium Yet Simpler Look
Bright Illumination Uneven Illumination
Uniform Color Spread Color Fades Away From Hilt
Consumes More Power Consumes Less Power
Battery Lasts For a Short Time Battery Lasts Comparatively Longer
Cooler Ignition Modes Due To Uniform Color Display Modes Present But Not So Cool Due To Uneven Display
Expensive Blades Affordable Blades

Video Representation


Final Verdict

I think you have read enough of what I have gone on and on about.

Now it’s about time you sampled one of the lightsabers and measured it up to your expectations. Check out our diverse range of neopixel and RGB lightsabers. They are available at RX Sabers in different materials and serve multiple purposes for your Star Wars dream.

Lastly, RX Sabers also offers premium lightsabers at grabbable prices!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between RGB and Neopixel sabers?

Neopixel lightsabers have a long bendable strip consisting of several LEDs fixed into a blade. Whereas the RGB lightsaber is an empty blade that is illuminated by the LED present in the base. An RGB LED is fixed into the hilt.

Which lightsaber color is the most prominent?

Blue color may be common but shows a bright illumination in a lightsaber blade. Other vibrant colors like red and green are also quite prominent. However, lighter colors tend to blend with the background. Especially in an RGB blade, where the colors fade away.

How long do Neopixel lightsabers last?

Neopixel lightsabers last up to 90 minutes on a single charge. As for the body, LEDs and durability. With the continuous use of the lightsaber. It will stay functional and in good condition for a solid two years.

How bright is a Neopixel?

Neopixel lightsabers can be sunny and bright. The 30 W LEDs will brighten your house and give you satisfactory fluorescence depending on the colors you are lighting.

How big is a Neopixel?

RX Sabers offers Neopixel and RGB versions that are approximately 10.2 × 12.7 millimeters (0.4 x 0.5 inches) in size.

How many LEDs are there in a 32 inch neopixel blade?

Since the LEDs are added in the form of strips, the number can be changed according to the length. The neopixel blade is available in 32 inch – 36 inch lengths. Typically, a thin 144 LED high density neopixel strip is present in a 1 meter (32 in.) length blade.