Power's Cresting Waves: Kit Fisto's Mysterious Lightsaber

Fisto is one of the most revered Jedi Masters within the Star Wars Galaxy. He became widely recognized by the audience for his one of a kind lightsaber. Not just for his lightsaber, but also for his excellent combat skills. Kit Fisto’s unique lightsaber has become a symbol of his prowess and Jedi might.

You must be wondering what made Kit Fisto’s lightsaber so special. Well, Kit Fisto had modified his lightsaber. His lightsaber was charged by two Kyber Crystals. Which helped him ignite his lightsaber under the water. Kit Fisto’s lightsaber featured a green colored blade.

Kit Fisto is a Nauotolan Jedi Master. The Nautolan species were amphibious species, who had adapted to survive the harsh environments. Kit Fisto’s Tentacles could detect other people’s emotions. Thus, giving him an upper hand to utilize his lightsaber to get the better of his enemy.

Kit Fisto along with his lightsaber made his first appearance in “Attack of Clones” in 2002. Several actors played the Kit Fisto character, which included Zachariah Jensen and ILMer Daniel Zizmor. Later it was played by Ben Cooke.



Kit Fisto was a distinguished Jedi Master known for his exceptional combat skills and wise demeanor. He made an invaluable contribution to the Clone Wars by using his lightsaber.

Kit Fisto’s journey began when he was discovered by the Jedi Order for being a force sensitive child. Under their guidance, he mastered his skills and constructed his first lightsaber. Glee Anselm is an underwater planet where Kit Fisto was born. That being said, he had unique qualities that made him stand out from other Jedi. Kit Fisto had large eyes that were adapted for low light conditions. These special features and his excellent combat skills gave him an advantage during the battles.

Moreover, Kit Fisto’s lightsaber featured a green colored blade. Which reflected his affinity to the force. His lightsaber skills and strategic thinking left a long-lasting effect on his fellow Jedi and allies.


Kit Fisto’s featured a distinct green plasma blade. The green blade represented his connection to the force. It also showed his identity as a Jedi. The green lightsaber usually represents characteristics like wisdom, calmness, and a strong connection to nature and force. That can be seen in Kit Fisto’s character. Kit Fisto's green lightsaber coupled with his Aquatic nature and calm demeanor made him a formidable and respected Jedi Master.



Jedi Master Kit Fisto’s green lightsaber was unique in its design and features. Reflecting his individuality and aquatic nature as a Nautalon.

Now, let us delve into the uniqueness of his lightsaber.

Waterproof Design

Since Kit, Fisto’s physiology was of an aquatic nature. He made changes to his lightsaber and designed it to function in an underwater environment. The modification enabled him to carry out his underwater mission effectively.

This feature in Kit Fisto’s lightsaber showcased his individuality and adaptability.

Amphibious Hilt

Kit Fisto designed his lightsaber to best suit his amphibious body. The hilt of the lightsaber had a textured hilt to accommodate his webbed hands. Which enabled a strong grip of the lightsaber, during the battles.


Moreover, it also helped him maintain a secure hold of his lightsabers during his underwater missions.

Two Crystals

Unlike any other lightsaber, Kit Fisto’s lightsaber had two Kyber Crystals. These crystals were charged when the lightsaber was ignited. This special feature enabled the lightsaber to be activated underwater.

Kit Fisto made this modification to best suit his amphibious nature. Furthermore, this characteristic is crucial to him completing his underwater assignments.

Green Plasma Blade

Like other Jedi, Kit Fisto’s lightsaber was also powered by the Kyber Crystal. However, the green color showed his deeper connection to the force and his identity as a Jedi. Kit Fisto's green lightsaber coupled with his Aquatic nature and calm demeanor made him a formidable and respected Jedi Master.



Owner  Kit Fisto 
Hilt Shape  Cylindrical Hilt
Material   Alloy Metal Blade
Type Single Blade (Powered by 2 Kyber Crystals)
Blade Color Green


Combat Style of Kit Fisto

Kit Fisto had mastered the Form I of the seven combats. He was even considered to be the best in duels. Other than that, Kit Fisto’s had a calm and fluid combat style. He had seamless transitions between offensive and defensive attacks, making him a formidable opponent. Kit Fisto applied Form I in many of his battles and duels. All the while, giving his opponent his trademark smile.

So, what lightsaber form does Kit Fisto use?

Although we have mentioned Form I. Let’s take a good look at how expertly Kit Fisto used this combat style to his advantage.

Since the lightsabers are a lot like the swords. So the Shii Cho traditional fighting style gave Kit Fisto a graceful yet dark edge in striking.

The biggest fighting display was shown in the duel between Kit Fisto and Darth Sidious. Here Kit Fisto performed spectacularly by adding modern twists to his traditional fighting style.

Nautolan Culture

Kit Fisto’s lightsaber was a reflection of his amphibious heritage. He incorporated elements inspired by Naotolan culture. Even when Kit Fisto used his lightsaber, it reflected his calm nature. It is likely that while constructing his lightsaber, Kit Fisto included the Nautolan attributes and personal connection to the force. Legacy of Lightsaber As a respected and skilled member of the Jedi Order, Kit Fisto’s lightsaber has become a symbol of his dedication to the Jedi Code. His lightsaber skills and calm nature have made him one of the wisest Jedi Masters. Furthermore, the legend of his distinctive lightsaber inspires upcoming Jedi generations.


Fate of Kit Fisto’s Lightsaber

Kit Fisto’s lightsaber was a prized possession for him. It remained with him throughout his journey till his demise. Kit Fisto, despite having remarkable combat skills, was not able to win against the relentless and cunning General Grievous. The fate of Kit Fisto’s lightsaber after his death remains unknown.

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Does Kit Fisto have 2 lightsabers?

There is a misunderstanding among fans that Kit Fisto carries two lightsabers at one time. Well. there is some truth to the context. However, that is not it.

A true fan recognizes the sword as a green bladed original lightsaber from the Clone Wars. however, at some point, Kit Fisto carried a blue bladed lightsaber alongside his green one. Although that lightsaber was not his. He did use it for quite some time.

The blue lightsaber belonged to Nadaar Vebb. After he was killed Fisto got hold of the lightsaber and used it to kill General Grevious.

Another misunderstanding about two lightsabers stems from when Kit Fisto used his lightsaber underwater. He had this feature where Fisto could expertly use his lightsaber in water. Most fans swear that the hue of the blade color changes to blue. However, in reality, it is the same green lightsaber that Fisto has owned all along the Clone Wars.

Is Kit Fisto a strong Jedi?

Kit Fisto is referred to as the greatest Jedi warrior of his time as mentioned in the Yoda accolades.

He is often compared in the high ranks among Yoda Lightsaber, Shaak Tii, and Mace Windu. Kit Fisto was a great warrior who had a stronger than average ability of telekinesis and remarkable swordsmanship skills.

More so, fans have compared Kit Fisto with the notorious Darth and declared him a winner. The secret behind Fisto’s strength is his self discipline and experience in fine tuning his force powers like telekinesis. While most Jedi focus on lightsaber and fighting skills Fuisto sharpened the mostly neglected skills!

Can Kit Fisto beat Darth Vader?

We have already established that Kit Fisto is indeed a strong Jedi.

However, is he strong enough to defeat the great Star Wars villain, Darth Vader? Darth Vader has a notorious yet glamorous reputation. As a direct apprentice of Darth Sidious defeating him is no easy feat.

Even with the expertise Kit Fisto possesses. If he were to face Darth Vader sadly he would be defeated. Vader is known for his cunning ways and expertise in advanced techniques. Fisto while being a great swordsman will be a good match and the fight would be epic. Yet there is a chance that the duel will end in Fisto’s defeat!


A Nautolan Jedi Master, Kit Fisto has left an irreplaceable impact on the Star Wars Galaxy. He stood out with aquatic traits and a unique green bladed lightsaber. His lightsaber showed his connection to the force. Moreover, skilled in combat and diplomacy, Kit Fisto has played a vital role in the Clone Wars.

Kit Fisto and his lightsaber have become a symbol of his Jedi valor and dedication to the Force’s Light. Want to display that symbol in your lightsaber collection? Head onto the RX Sabers website where you can get Kit Fisto's lightsaber replica at a reasonable price. Why wait?!

Canon Appearances

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Jedi of the Republic

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Kanan 7

Non Canon Appearances

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is so special about Kit Fisto’s lightsaber?

Unlike the traditional lightsaber, Kit Fisto’s lightsaber is powered by two Kyber Crystals. This special modification enabled Kit Fisto to ignite his lightsaber underwater.

Why is Kit Fisto the strongest Jedi?

Kit Fisto’s unique lightsaber was powered by two Kyber crystals, enabling him to use his lightsaber both on land and underwater. Giving him an advantage over his enemies.

Which Combat Form did Kit Fisto use?

Kit Fisto had mastered Form I of the seven Forms of the Force. Making him one of the best duelists. He used this lightsaber Combat Form in many of his battles and missions.

How did Kit Fisto Die?

Kit Fisto met his demise during the Battle of Mon Cala. Kit Fisto tried to fight with all his might against the overwhelming odds. When he was outnumbered and unable to keep up with General Grievous attacks, he died.

What happened to Kit Fisto’s lightsaber?

Kit Fisto only used one lightsaber from the beginning of his journey as a Jedi till his Demise. However, after his death, the fate of his lightsaber remains unknown,