Yoda Lightsaber: Serenity & Wisdom

Yoda and his only lightsaber symbolize the Good side of the Force.

He built his green lightsaber long before the Clone Wars. Later, he swore by it and used his lightsaber to uplift the Galactic Republic through the Republic’s downfall.

The lightsaber was put to amazing work, reflecting Yoda’s strong resolve and wisdom. Yoda did an amazing job teaching the new Jedi generation through his lightsaber. That is why his lightsaber is also known as ‘Yoda Lightsaber’.

More so, his green lightsaber may be a shoto blade, but when it comes to conquering. The blade did more work than any Star Wars lightsaber.

During his nine hundred year life, Yoda used his green lightsaber to help the Jedi rebuild their lost status. True to his weapon, many notable legends like Mace Windu and Ki Adi Mundi were born.


Origin of Yoda Lightsaber

The Yoda lightsaber first appeared in 2002, Star Wars: Episode II –Attack of the Clones (a second installment in Star Wars Prequel theory).

The design of the lightsaber was created three years prior, in 1999. (In the book Star Wars: Episode I –The Visual Dictionary).

Description of Yoda Lightsaber

Yoda held a metal alloy single bladed green lightsaber. It is the shorter version of a standard lightsaber. Also known as the ‘Shoto Yoda Lightsaber’. The cylindrical hilt of the Yoda lightsaber is 15 centimeters long, and consists of a studded chrome handle.

Yoda lightsaber is designed simply and does not have obnoxious swirls or blades protruding from all sides. The lightsaber consists of mainly the essential components, reflecting the humble and modest nature of Yoda. Additionally, given the smaller scale of Yoda's lightsaber, it would have been a hassle powering the extra lightsaber parts.


Hilt description

The chrome handle at the third end of the Yoda lightsaber has a black finish and houses all the basic components consisting of a power cell, field conductor, and power insulator. In the second half, the energy cell chambers and the modulator are covered by a black insulator. That runs around the length of the lightsaber in the middle.

Lastly, to support the blade, the blade emitter powered by a black activation button is located at the front of the lightsaber. Yoda was clever to add a ring flange mechanism at the beginning of the blade to protect the crystal against the blows of a larger weapon.

The smaller size gave Yoda an upper hand on numerous occasions. Not only that, but Yoda mastered his lightsaber skills and was able to take on zealous villains like Darth Sidious.


Owner  Grand Master Yoda
Hilt Shape  Shoto Cylindrical and Straight
Hilt Material  Heat Hardened Industril Alloy
Blade Type  Single Blade
Blade Color

 First Lightsaber: Blue

 Second Lightsaber: Blue


Functionality of Yoda Lightsaber

As far as the functionality of the Yoda lightsaber goes. Yoda was always reluctant to rely on his lightsaber to solve matters. This feeble yet determined Jedi is often visualized with a stick rather than a lightsaber. However, the might of his lightsaber is known for keeping balance in the force.

Yoda was a firm believer in the Jedi movement, as he believed that a Jedi should only use violence in defense and maintaining peace. Destruction and violence were the ways of the darker side of the force. However, he was firm on his theory. That does not mean he was defenseless.

Yoda used an emitter shroud blade. It gives an attacking opportunity to the yielder without exposing him. Besides this, when it came to the energy and speed of his lightsaber. It was unmatched. As shown in his duel with Count Dooku, his former padawan.

Green Color of Yoda Lightsaber

Huyang, an architect droid, helped Yoda build a lightsaber. He supervised all the construction steps.

When it was time to install the blade. Yoda acquired an Adegan crystal from the planet Ossus. The lightsaber crystal took the color of the right side of the force and worked equally well!

When Yoda meditated with the lightsaber, it turned green. The color of the crystal reflects the personality of the wielder. As expected, Yoda was a peaceful Jedi Master who wanted to maintain order and peace.

Unlike the blue color that is for frontline Jedi worriers. Yoda’s focus has always been intellect and spiritual harmony. That is why the blade turned an emerald color. Signaling the importance of peace Yoda wanted to bring to the Galaxy without lifting his lightsaber.


Yoda Lightsaber Combat Form

Yoda had a strong command over Form IV. Also known as the Ataru lightsaber combat form.

Ataru is not for the faintest of hearts! It compels your connection to the force and utilizes it to your advantage.

That is how you saw an old Yoda who needs the support of his stick. Suddenly start sprinting around corners. Yoda let the force power strengthen his body for acrobatic movements like running, swinging, dodging, jumping, and plyometrics.

However, to use Ataru you should have a strong force connection first. Yoda as a Jedi master and one of the supreme spiritual guides had that in plenty.

More so, Ataru helped Yoda push against his physical and mental limitations. Giving us the most intense lightsaber duels played on the Star Wars screens.

The tactic behind Form IV is with quick movement, you have to be quick with your hands. It gives strength and speed for a blurring lightsaber movement. Raining attack and deflecting blasters at your opponent from all angles. Too fast yet too controlled to take up your enemies!

Other Lightsaber Forms?

Yoda was also an expert in Form VI, otherwise called Niman. This fighting form is formed by mixing all the previous combat techniques. It is a balance of tactics related to self-defense and oppressive attacks. Many Fans argue that Yoda was the best Jedi at Niman and might have developed this form after living 900 years of his life.

Niman requires the tact and wisdom that Yoda possesses. It is an aggressive form and does not fit the temperament of someone like Yoda.


Duels Fought with Yoda Lightsaber

Nothing keeps the blood of Star Wars fans pumping more than a good and intense duel. Grand Master Yoda may not be a big supporter of violence. Yet he was ready to take action when required.

Yoda fought two mighty duels in his time during and after the Clone Wars. His green lightsaber was bought out to teach lessons to his former padawan and his biggest force enemy.

Duel with Count Dooku

Yoda took Dooku as his padawan during the Galactic Republic in 90 BBY. Dooku was the last padawan Yoda had taken under his wing. Dooku learned the primary force rules and combat fighting under his Jedi master. However, much to Yoda’s disappointment, Dooku decided to leave the Jedi Order. Yoda allowed Dooku to retain his lightsaber when Dooku offered to turn it over.

Years later, before the Clone Wars and ten years after the Naboo Crisis in 32 BBY. Dooku led the Separatist Crisis. During this time, several systems thought that the Galactic Republic had withdrawn from the government and formed a Confederacy of Independent Systems. This misunderstanding had been caused by Count Dooku, who was leading the Confederacy of Independent System at the time.

Dooku had taken Anakin Skywalker and Kenobi as a prisoner. When Yoda came to know of this. He was enraged.

Since the Jedi were losing power Yoda had to call for support from the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic in return for helping the Republic. So Yoda leads an army of clone troopers against the Separatist droid army. This led to a huge fight and Yoda targeted many droids. He showed his lightsaber skills and mastery over a dozen opponents.

Soon the conflict grew and led to the Clone Wars.

Now, Yoda had yet to face, known as, Count Dooku. Count Dooku was already engaged in a duel with the captured Kenobi and Skywalker. Yoda entered the ongoing duel and overpowered Dooku.


Yoda compelled his force energies and deflected Dooku’s Lighting strikes. Not only that, but Yoda used his lightsaber skills and telekinetic powers and was quickly able to get an upper hand.

When Dooku realized he was cornered by the grand master Yoda. He used Yoda’s weakness for the unconscious Skywalker to his advantage. Dooku distracted Yoda by putting Skywalker in harm’s way. As Yoda reached over to help the Jedi. Dooku escaped.

Although Yoda won the duel. This win was temporary for the Galactic. As the dark powers were rising and would soon lead to another powerful duel.

Duel with Darth Sidious

Three years after the Separatist Crisis, Yoda was promoted as a military general. He directed the Republic Army for three years. At the time Yoda was the only grand Jedi master among the Jedi Council. His mission was to bring peace and end the conflict between the forces sides.

Unknown to his knowledge, Dark Lord Darth Sidious was already planning a feud. Sidious was brimming with hatred for the Jedi and wanted to see the Sith in power. As a Galactic Emperor, he started the Great Jedi Purge in 19 BBY.

Not long after, Emperor Palpatine openly declared himself Darth Sidious and his intentions against the Jedi.

The duel between Darth Sidious (previously Emperor Palpatine) and Yoda took place, It is shown in ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith’ (the third move in the prequel trilogy, 2005).

Yoda observed the rising uproar and decided Darth Sidious had to be stopped. Eventually, the duel between Yoda and Darth Sidious takes place in the heart of the Galactic Senate building on Planet Corcusant. It was the second time Yoda was forced to put his lightsaber to use.


This duel was a display of two powers clashing together. A pivotal point in the history of Star Wars. Both the force sides showed great dueling skills. Throughout the duel, Yoda and Darth Sidious manipulated force energies to their advantage. Additionally, the clash of the lightsabers was majestic and neither was ready to back down. Despite his old age, Yoda had the talent and skills to utilize his force powers for lightsaber emitter shrouds.

Eventually, due to Darth Sidious's continuous blows, Yoda’s green lightsaber was thrown across the room. Their duel match was a draw because Yoda thought the fight was headed in no direction. They had both given a majestic force fight yet neither was ready to back down. So Yoda retreated into exile and decided to wait for another opportunity with Darth Sidious.

What Happened to Yoda Lightsaber?

The end of Yoda's lightsaber is shown in the comic Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. Although this scene was not developed into a movie, it indicates what happened to Yoda’s lightsaber.

Darth Sidious continued with his mission and formed the Galactic Empire. Soon the dark forces were powerful enough to be a concerning threat to the Jedi. However, Sidious wanted to keep the Yoda lightsaber as a trophy at Imperial Place.

Darth Sidious's right-hand man, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda gave a speech, or Jedi, Order eradication, at Corcusant. He declared Jedi as the oppressive and threatening pupil at Imperial’s Capital. Any Jedi that was captured would be tortured. During the Order 66, many Jedi weapons were collected.

Adding to the already present mass, he stood up and tossed Yoda’s lightsaber into a furnace during the celebration. All the Jedi weapons were melted and destroyed. The lightsabers were damaged to the point that they were unable to function. Their kyber crystals exploded and resulted in a bright beam that eventually dimmed—indicating the end of the Yoda lightsaber journey in 19 BBY.

Yoda’s Second Lightsaber?

Yoda’s second lightsaber was first mentioned in the 2016-Star Wars Complete Locations reference book. But in 2022, ‘The Book of Boba Fett, Chapter 6: From the Desert Comes a Stranger’, offered fans a chance to see the second lightsaber on television. It was directed by Dave Filoni.

Development of Yoda’s Second Lightsaber

There was a contradiction when Yoda's lightsaber was shown hidden in a box in his hut. In the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Around the same time, the lightsaber was drawn in a comic book released in 2017.

To break this confusion. The Lucasfilm Story group revealed that Yoda had several lightsabers all along. He had more than a few lightsabers during his lifetime, though they were not brought out for fighting. Yoda’s Second Lightsaber Journey Yoda knew the end his first lightsaber had met. So he was not content with building another lightsaber for himself. Not many fans know this, but Yoda had two lightsabers all along. He kept his second lightsaber at Dagobah in a box, in his hit, till 3 ABY.

Since Yoda did not want to promote violence as a Jedi master. He had kept one lightsaber hidden alongside his keepsake and ancient texts in a box. He preferred to use one lightsaber. Yoda’s second lightsaber is similar to his first lightsaber. It is also a shoto single bladed cylindrical hilt green lightsaber.

Luke Skywalker, Yoda’s last Jedi apprentice, was aware of the second lightsaber. On Yods’s death in 4 ABY Luke Skywalker took his lightsaber. Later in 9 ABY Luke offered the lightsaber to Grogu (Baby Yoda) as he was the last of the Yoda species. However, Grogu turned down the lightsaber in favor of the beskar armor that was built for him by the Mandalorians.

Is Grogu Related to Yoda?

Grogu is not related to Yoda and his lightsaber. They share similar species which is why they look alike. However, given the timing in the Mandalorian Star Wars, they have never come to contact each other.

Although, yes, years later Yoda's lightsaber was offered to Grogu but the offer was turned down as mentioned above.

It often confuses the fans since they both look similar. The question pops up naturally. Yet sadly Yoda and Grogu never interacted directly!


Yoda is one of the successful Jedi whose journey is not circled around his lightsaber. He wanted to solve the matters peacefully without bringing a fight into the equation.

From the beginning, Yoda showed great intellectual skills and was the only grand Jedi master of his time. Though, there are not many lightsaber achievements to talk about. Yoda did not hesitate to battle Star Wars' conniving and duplicitous villain.

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Canon Appearances

The High Republic, 2021

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures –Yoda: The Jedi Master

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars –Sacrifice

Masters –Story of Jedi and Sith

The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 6 –From the Desert Comes a Stranger

Non Canon Appearances

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Yoda's lightsaber called?

Yoda’s lightsaber is known as the ‘Shoto Yoda Lightsaber’ as it is the shaved down version of the standard lightsaber. It has a crystal blade and is perfect for someone Yoda’s height.

Which Jedi trained Yoda?

Yoda who later became a grand master at the Jedi High Council was once trained by a male Hyslarian Jedi N'Kata Del Gormo. His master helped him throughout the Galactic Republic period.

Who kills Yoda?

Yoda was not killed. He went into a self exile after his wise retreat from a duel with Darth Sidious. In his final days, he trained his last padawan Luke Skywalker, and helped other Jedi see the Galaxy rules through his peacemaking lens.

Who owns Yoda's lightsaber?

After Yoda’s death in 4 ABY, his lightsaber was taken by Luke Skywalker and remained in his possession.

How powerful is Yoda?

Yoda gained a reputation among his colleagues for having a profound understanding of the Force and being exceptionally talented with a lightsaber. He was regarded as one of the most powerful Jedi to have ever lived.

Can Yoda beat Vader?

Yoda is more experienced and wiser than Darth Vader, thus he can easily defeat him. Yoda almost won over Darth Sidious Darth Vader also tried but failed.