Unveiling the Elegance: The Legacy of Count Dooku's

Lightsaber Unlike many Sith, Count Dooku had a good streak to him. But only at first!

In his later days, you wouldn’t be able to recognize a sophisticated and good-looking Jedi Master like him. As Dooku turned into one of the most powerful Sith rivals to Anakin Skywalker.

Another thing. Count Dooku is known for using an exemplary lightsaber with a unique design that he constructed himself. The lightsaber is also known as ‘Tyranus Lightsaber’ or a ‘Sith Lightsaber’. More so, the name of the lightsaber is linked to Count Dooku’s dark side of the Force, Darth Tyranus.

During his reign, Darth Tyranus as a leader of the Separatist Alliance used this weapon against his enemies. He practiced his fighting forms and the rage. That he inherited during the training with his master, Darth Sidious.


Description of Lightsabers

Count Dooku used two lightsabers during his two eras on the sides of the Force. The first lightsaber wielded a blue blade that turned into a red one when Count Dooku led his hatred to consume him.


George Lucas, wanted to introduce a villain character that was elegant and sophisticated. Hence, the character Count Dooku was introduced. From the character to the weapon, everything was planned to show that a Sith can be sleek as well. As for the weapon, Sith is already known to be artistic and tech-savvy.

Art Department Assistant Roel Roberts took the inspiration for Count Dooku’s lightsaber from Filipino curved weapons like specific knives, spears, and especially a Borang.

Not only that, the unique lightsaber impressed many fans and the design was later an inspiration for another weapon. Jedi Master Oppo Rnacisis's lightsaber was to be designed based on the Dooku’s curved hilt. However, the idea was later forfeited.


Blue Lightsaber

Count Dooku was passionate about his fighting ways right from the beginning. As a Jedi padawan, he built his own lightsaber. As true to his Jedi nature, this lightsaber yielded a blue blade.

Dooku rose among the Jedi ranks quickly and gained the title of Jedi Master. Later he became part of the High Jedi Council. Additionally, Dooku's personality has always indicated that he was fond of his ways, he was likely to forge his path on his terms. That is what he did.

As a padawan, Dooku cast aside his previous lightsaber and decided to build a new, sophisticated design that suited his taste. He took his inspiration from the Jedi Archives and built a unique lightsaber.

Dooku’s lightsaber design which he used till his end is truly one of a kind. It has a curbed metal hilt with grip guards on one end. The length of the hilt is 13.9 inches and features a blue kyber crystal. The metallic, black hilt also featured a handle that assisted Dooku in fighting and sparring without getting too close to the opponent.

Red Lightsaber

Before 86 BBY, Invasion of Naboo, Count Dooku joined the dark alliances. His lightsaber took its final red color. Dooku was already a strong leader and had proved himself time and time again. This caught Darth Sidious’ attention. Impressed by Dooku's vigor, Darth Sidious invited Dooku to join his side taking advantage of Dooku’s hatred for the Galactic Republic.

Now that Dooku had a new purpose, he used the lightsaber more frequently and purposefully. We have talked about the curved hilt of the blade. However, upon closer look, the blade had more genius mechanics than a high-tech weapon. Dooku constructed the hilt that had a thumb trigger at the end, which helped adjust the length of the blade for precise strikes. The first part of the hilt consists of an inclined chamber to protect the base of the kyber crystal.

Furthermore, underneath the thermal grips, he added magnetic discs, so he could attach the lightsaber to his blade. Apart from this he also added activator and power cells around the sides of the lightsaber hilt. All these features when combined gave him an unyielding grip and control in utilizing the lightsaber.


Owner  Count Dooku
Hilt Shape  Cylindrical, Curved Hilt Lightsaber (35.5 cm) 
Hilt Material  Aluminum Alloy Blade 
Type  Single Blade
Blade Color  Blue (Jedi Times), Red (Sith Times)




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Lightsaber Journey

Dooku utilized his lightsaber and created impressive examples. He fought the best of the Jedi masters but was able to overpower them. Furthermore, his unusual lightsaber design gave him an upper hand in numerous situations. Read on to find out the epic battles and duels that Count Dooku dominated.

Battle of Geonosis

The first fighting chance Count Dooku got with his crimson lightsaber was during the Battle of Geonosis before the Clone Wars, where Dooku encountered Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.


Surprisingly, he caught both the Jedi warriors off guard and fought them well. He went so far, resulting in injuring and cutting the arm of Ben Kenobi, as well as hurting Anakin Skywalker. However, he was topped in time when Dooku was interrupted by his former master, Yoda. Despite the epic battle and Dooku openly challenging Yoda. Dooku was unable to win and had to surrender.

Gungan Traitor in Naboo

Count Dokku led the Confederacy of Independent Systems, where the lightsaber was not used much. He occasionally fought a duel here and there. During the Clone Wars, he led the Alliance against the Galactic Republic. During this time, Dooku fought with a Gungan Traitor and had occasional matches with Anakin Skywalker in Naboo. Additionally, he went on to kill the Pyke Syndicate in front of Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

Training Three Apprentices

As Dooku was once a padawan to Darth Sidious he took the role to train two further padawans. Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress, brothers of Darth Maul, carry on Darth Sidious's legacy like him. During this time, he also trained General Grievous, who later became a brilliant Separatist military Sith warrior.


Downfall at Coruscant

Count Cooku once again had a chance to face off Kenobi and Luke Skywalker on the General Grevious Spacecraft, the Invisible Hand. Much to Dooku’s dismay, this was the last time he would hold his lightsaber confidently. Furthermore, Dooku was walking into the lion’s den without any knowledge. It was Darth Sidious's (Emperor Palpatine) plan all along. Dooku was to sacrifice himself for Darth Sidious's great plan.

During the duel, Count Dooku was outsmarted by Luke Skywalker. On Darth Sidious's (Palpatine) order, Luke cut both of Count Dooku’s hands and confiscated his weapon. However, the weapon was left on the ship, which was later destroyed.

Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine left the ship before it was destroyed.

Count Dooku Fighting Style

Dooku knew his way around his curved lightsaber. This is why he was able to overcome Anakin Skywalker and Kenobi a number of times. True to his Master's lessons, Dooku was an expert at Shien fighting form. That could be the reason why he was not able to one up his master, Yoda, during the duel in Geonosis.

Another form of the time that Dooku was good at is Form II also known as Makashi. Makashi not only teaches you defense but also an offense. It came in handy since Dooku already designed a lightsaber that was precise and speedy. Makashi further helped him focus on his skills, and soon Dooku was undefeated when it came to speed and strength with his lightsaber.

Yoda’s Hate for Dooku’s Lightsaber

Design It is not a hidden truth that Master Yoda hated Count Dooku’s lightsaber style!

Yoda made it known that the new curved design was a threat to the Jedi. Especially because Yoda was familiar with Dooku’s hunter gaze for greater power. The special hilt gave Count Dooku an unmatched advantage over his opponents.

Yoda was right. During the time when Sith were thought to be extinct. Dooku’s intelligence was a revolutionary omen for the light side of the Galaxy.

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Canon Appearances

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Chapters 1, 6 & 7)

Jedi: Count Dooku

Star Wars: Episode II -Attack of the Clones

Star Wars: The Clone Wars -Supply Line

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars -Shadow of Malevolence

Star Wars: The Clone Wars -Cloak of Darkness

Star Wars: The Clone Wars -Dooku Captured

Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith

Non Canon Appearances

LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars: Battle Front


Count Dooku was an elegant Sith whose unique lightsaber and his passion for learning the fighting forms set an impressive example.

More so, to the point that Yoda was concerned about the power Count Dooku yielded.

That is why many fans argue Count Dooku remains most underrated villain!

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You can experience what Count Dooku did. The good parts, of course!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Count Dooku's lightsaber skill?

Dooku was an expert at Makashi and could predict his opponent’s moves beforehand, this gave him an advantage with his curved lightsaber in making precise strikes.

How is Count Dooku so powerful?

Count Dooku utilized his power of force in a different and special way. He had the ability of Telekinesis and could make objects fly or move small distances using his dark force control.

Can Yoda beat Count Dooku?

Yoda is not an easy Jedi warrior to defeat. If anything Count Dooku as his apprentice could not learn his master’s weakness. He did challenge Yoda as Geonosis, but was unable to strike fatally.

What is Count Dooku's Jedi name?

Dooku when converted to his dark form was known by the name Darth Tyranus, He took this secret name while leading the Separatist army. Furthermore, that is why his lightsaber is also most commonly known as a Tyranus Lightsaber. What made

Dooku turn to the dark side?

Dooku was influenced by Chancellor Palpatine. When he learned that he was in real Darth Sidious. He changed the dark side of the force to join hands with him, becoming his second apprentice.

What was Count Dooku's goal?

Count Dooku was always an independent force and wanted to establish something more significant beyond the Jedi Order and Darth Sidious Empire. He had an idea of creating an Aristocratic Utopia with him as the head.