Dark Majesty: Darth Raven's Dual Lightsabers

Darth Raven used three lightsabers during his lifetime. Four on a closer look!

His most prominent lightsaber journey remains the one in which he alone decided to take over the Mandalorian Dark Saber. This journey showed Darth Raven the importance of power and respect.

As tactical and strategic as he was. Darth Raven switched to the next lightsaber each time he started a new journey in his contemporary life.

Additionally, many fans don’t know that Darth Raven was a powerful Jedi turned Sith who never backed down when presented with a challenge. Also, he was a character that was loyal to the fault.

Furthermore, tales of Darth Raven and his lightsaber are deeply rooted in Sith History. As they were often chanted by the cultists when the heroic annexation of Sith history was discussed.

More so, that is also why, in 35 ABY, a Sith Legion Troop was named after Lord Raven to honor his contribution to Sith Star Wars Force archives.



Darth Raven and his lightsaber made their first appearance through a video game on July 15, 2003. The game is known as ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’.

In this game, Darth Raven’s early history with his first lightsaber along with his life challenges is illustrated. However, during that time Darth Raven was going through character development. So his gender and other physical characteristics are left up to the gamer. You can choose between the lightsaber, general appearance, and race of the character, which were not defined yet.

However, the unmistakable metallic structure and the overflowing iconic Sith cape gave away a pretty big hint!

Character and lightsaber development

Up until this point, Darth Raven’s character was limited to the video game and then to its sequel. That was released in 2004, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II -The Sith Lords.

The character was reestablished in 2019 after a book written by Pablo Hidalgo. Lucasfilm decided to make a brief appearance after this visual dictionary for Darth Raven accompanied by Star Wars Canon –Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker.

Finally, the game met the TV adaptation in 2011 where Raven would appear with Darth Bane. Both mighty Sith Lords had left a great impact on the current war raging between the First Order and Resistance.


Description of Raven Lightsaber

Darth Raven held an alloy metal (hilted) single bladed lightsaber. That was first built in 3963 BBY when he was a Jedi, youngling. Throughout his life, the hilt remained the same, only the color of the blade was changed. The silver hilt of the lightsaber is shaped like grasshopper legs. With concave-shaped silver, add-ons for better grip.

This shape has also facilitated in attachment of the lightsaber to Darth Raven’s belt. Additionally, he designed a lightsaber with grip guards around the neck and an activator in the second third of the lightsaber. A silver pommel is added to the back that matches the lightsaber but has a black ring around the base.

Not to mention, it was Darth Raven’s clever strategy to extend the silver add-ons further up the shroud emitter for enhanced protection. Also, his lightsaber supported a short but standard round tip plasma blade.



Owner  Darth Raven
Hilt Shape  Cylindrical, Straight, and Triangular Circle
Hilt Material  Aluminium Alloy Metal
Blade Type  Single Blade
Blade Color  Blue, Red, Green, Violet


Journey of Raven Lightsaber

Darth Raven was not born with this name but a different one on his birth. Later on, he was taken from his birth planet (Serenno) and split apart from his parents. as a young Jedi Padawan and trained under the Jedi Order.

First Lightsaber

According to his previous master, Kreia, Raven always showed a special tendency and hunger for forced knowledge. He would associate with other masters where he could learn a thing or two about force. Moreover, Raven was never satisfied with his knowledge and wanted to continue learning more.

It was around this time of his training that he built his first lightsaber with a blue kyber crystal and learned to use it pretty early. As Raven was climbing the Jedi ranks swiftly. He was promoted to a full Jedi Knight.

Around the same time, a war broke out between the Mandalorian against the Republic. Unfortunately, the Mandalorian had the upper hand and they were closing in on the Republic. Raven felt that the military strategies the Republic was using were old and orthodox. He then decided to propose his plan to the ranking Jedi masters. However, nobody lends an ear to Raven.

Since Raven was determined, he decided to act on his own. So, he contacted many Jedi and reasoned with them. With new intelligence, a durable lightsaber, and tact, he formed a unit and fought against the Mandalorian on the behalf of Jedi Order. As expected, Raven generated excellent results.

Where the Republic was losing the war. This was the first time they were at an advantage. Soon most of the Republic teamed with Raven and together with Raven’s leadership they were able to take over the Mandalorian. Any Mandalorians that were left fled the outer realms.

Raven, courageous as always, wanted to eliminate any Mandalorian left. On his pursuit, he came across a planet, Malachore V. Raven was curious as to why the Mandalorian or other space species avoided this planet. So he decided to explore.


From here onwards, Raven’s journey with the dark side of the force began. As he landed on the planet. Raven realized that the dark energies there were too strong. However, Raven was strong enough to twist the energies to his use. There he built a weapon with the help of his engineer Bao Dur. The weapon was called the ‘Mass Shadow Generator’. Together with his new invention and the blue lightsaber, Raven eliminated all Mandalorians. He was declared a war hero and a Jedi knight prodigy.

Another character development that you see here is that Raven took the mask of Mandalore Ultimate, the current Mandalore leader. He then lifted the mask to his face and wore it after killing Mandalore Ultimate. This gesture meant the end of Mandalorian and that there would be no new leader.

Additionally, Raven got a chance to show his lightsaber skills on multiple occasions at planets Dantooine, Tatooine, Korriban, and Manaan.

Second Lightsaber (First Dark Side Encounter)

Years later, Raven stumbled upon the planet Rakata where his ship had crashed. He was accompanied by his apprentice, Malak. Here Raven came across a powerful weapon, Star Forge. He learned that the people of Rakata were using this advanced technology to enslave the other planets. Soon, Raven took over the technology and used the dark energy that powered the weapon to turn any Jedi on his team into a Sith. Raven knew deep down that Star Forge was so powerful that even he did not stand a chance against it.

It was not long before Raven was approached and welcomed to the dark side. As the Civil War was coming to an end and the Republic was regaining its footing. Raven decided to fight the Republic to make them see his ways.

He now came back to the Republic as a Sith to conquer it. As expected, Raven shunned his old lightsaber and changed it to a crimson red blade. This blade reflected his dark thoughts and renewed force links.

Now known as Darth Raven. He was taking over the republic when he met a new challenge. Bastilla Shan was a young Jedi padawan who had an amazing talent for Battle Meditation. She had the ability could suppress one side of the force (Evil) while highlighting the other side (Right). Hence, she was the best match against Darth Raven.


Bastilla was planning an attack on Darth Raven, who was traveling with his apprentice Malak on a ship. Unexpectedly, Bastilla was attacked first. Yet, she escaped and hid on Darth Raven’s ship. At the same time, Darth Raven was betrayed by his apprentice Malak.

Malak ordered an attack on Raven’s flagship because he was jealous of Raven’s power and wanted that for himself.

As a consequence, Darth Raven was injured and lay unconscious. Bastilla took him to the Jedi Order, unsure of the next step. It was decided that instead of executing Darth Raven. The Jedi Order will erase his memory and Raven will start his life again as a Jedi member.

As Raven’s memory was being removed. He and Bastilla teamed up and attacked Malak.

Malak was destroyed successfully. However, Raven’s faith was still undecided. As he was under strict supervision of the Jedi Order. His red lightsaber was taken away from him.

Third Lightsaber

During the time Raven was regaining his memories, after defeating Malak, he changed to a green lightsaber blade. Later on, he left the Galaxy in 3954 BBY and decided to explore a new meaning to life.

Whatever actions were taken with Raven’s third lightsaber were never fully used in a fight, they were all limited to his personal growth. His new lightsaber was used to satisfy his curious nature. Specifically, in training and learning new fighting styles along with other Jedi.

Fourth Lightsaber (Second Dark Side Encounter)

It all changed when Raven was captured by Darth Nyriss, who was a member of the Dark Council, along with her apprentice Lord Scourage.

Darth Nyriss held Raven under her control and took away his green lightsaber. Raven stayed in Nyriss fortress for a long time when he was tortured for information on the Jedi Order. However, he was rescued by Jedi Knight Meetra Surik. Most importantly, Surik had received help from Scourage. So together all three made their escape. But, only after defeating Nyriss and fetching back the green lightsaber.

After the escape, Raven got ahead of himself and attacked the Imperial Guards guarding the Sith Emperor. His attack would have been fruitful, but he was betrayed by Scourage. Raven was captured and held as the Emperor’s prisoner for over three hundred years. During this time his lightsaber saw no action even though it was attached to his belt.

Raven's luck shined when the Force ghost left behind by Surik sent a message to the Republic during the Cold War. When the republic came to know of his captivity, they sent a strike team to help free Raven.


Raven’s blade color was changed from green to violet during this time. Raven used his purple lightsaber in fighting and creating droids on Foundry, a space station. Another incident where the purple lightsaber was put into action was during a fight with Darth Malgus when we tried to take over Rave’s spaceship.

Raven returned to the Jedi Order and was caught between the Order and the Republic. However, his lightsaber, which was tinged with the dark side, was now purified. In the end, Raven chose to stick with neither side of the force.

Darth Revan's Master?

Darth Raven is one of the most powerful and notorious Darth in the history of Star Wars. Although there is a plethora of common qualities he shares with the other Darths. It all stems from one common place.

The fact that like Darth Nihilus. Darth Raven was also trained by a commanding and strategic master, Darth Traya. She is the iconic master who defied the Sith and Jedi rules. She used the banned form, Trakata, and could air suspend as many as three lightsabers using her telekinetic abilities!

Darth Raven was quick to catch up to his master’s abilities and adopted vicious techniques that gave him a name in Darth history.

Does Darth Revan have two lightsabers?

After becoming a sith, Darth Raven often was sported with two lightsabers. He commanded his second lightsaber through telekinetic abilities. A red lightsaber that he builds afterward. And a purple single bladed lightsaber from his Jedi days.

Darth Revan's most powerful abilities?

Darth Raven was an owner of numerous powerful abilities. On his progression as a Sith Lord, he cultivated strategic abilities and soon incorporated them into combat fighting.

In Fact, Darth Raven could communicate in multiple languages and had a vast knowledge of the planets in the galaxy. Secondly, he was a disciplined commander who was strategic and spontaneous in attacking. He could tune the unnatural power of the force, Making strikes of precise speed, power, and strength.

Like many Sith Raven was an exceptional master of Telekinesis letting the ability do most of his work in the battles. He could crush his enemies and yield two sabers at a time using this meticulous ability.

Furthermore, Darth Raven was an emotional intellect. He could build gadgets from scratch with impressive mechanics. As far as the emotions go, Darth Raven was able to sense and manipulate the emotions of his opponents to his advantage.

Meaning behind Lightsaber Colors

It would not be wrong to say that Raven led a colorful lightsaber life.

Guess that is what you have to do to leave a big impact on the Sith world. That or you choose violence. Raven was pretty clever not to surrender to the dark side. He remained neutral to the force and yet declared himself a war hero.

Let’s debunk the color meaning behind every blade switch.


Blue Lightsaber

Raven held the blue lightsaber during his early training days. He had built his first lightsaber traditionally and used it to learn early fighting skills. The blue lightsaber color represented peace and prosperity for this young Jedi, who was new to the Jedi Order.

Red Lightsaber

Red represents anger, resentment, and hatred. Hence, Darth Raven gave in to the dark energies and succumbed to their compelling nature. He may have become strong, but violence was etched in him. During this time, Raven had used the red lightsaber to slay his enemies.

Green Lightsaber

Green is usually the color of Jedi seniors who are spiritually in tune with the light side of the force. As Raven was coming back around to the Jedi Order after losing his memories. His green lightsaber symbolizes guidance and soul cleansing from evil thoughts.

Violet Lightsaber

The violet lightsaber is the definition of the independent path Raven chose. In Star Wars few characters have held this lightsaber and Raven is one of them. Moreover, the appearance of the violet color shows how Raven refused to declare his loyalty to any force side, but was confident in his ideas and beliefs.

Why Raven Never Made It To The Screens?

The character Raven was ready and prepared to be shown in action until the scene was cut off and canceled. However, later, Lucasfilm released the cut scene that can be viewed in the Blue Ray edition of the complete Clone Wars series.

Director Dave Filoni thought it would be cool for Darth Raven to appear beside Darth Bane in the 2011 series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season III –Episode: Ghosts of Mortis.

However, the scene did not pass George Lucas's inspection. Lucas was opposed to the idea of a Sith spirit that is still mighty and influential. No dark side of force is supposed to make it this far and positively. That should be reserved for the Jedi at best.

Despite his beliefs, he came around to the proposal after realizing the scene’s importance and entertainment. As a result, Dart Raven and his lightsaber are shown in extended deleted scenes only.

Building Darth Revan's Lightsaber: Revan Dark V2

It is always a nice welcome and a challenge adding new things to an old lightsaber.

Raven Dark V2 lightsaber is a special form of the usual lightsaber. It features a hilt housing a soundboard with enhanced features. The ROTS Flex V2 boarded hilt allows you to push against the standard lightsaber limitations.

A good soundboard means customization options, better battery life, and features that are more sensitive to your lightsaber moves.

You may think changing the board will be a tough job. Well if you know where the parts go then you are good!

Check out this video guide,



Darth Raven pushed past every Sith stereotype and made it to the right side. Though he stayed neutral, his character is not remembered by his duels. In fact, he is labeled a hero with a big appetite for force knowledge and military tactics.

Even though his story ends in 3638 BBY, you can continue to feel connected to Raven through his lightsaber.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What lightsaber does Darth Revan have?

The main lightsaber used by Darth Raven has a blue metal hilt and a single blade. However, the color of the blade changes on several occasions, ending in a violet blade. That indicated his independence from the force sides.

Was Darth Raven born with the same name?

At birth, Darth Raven had a different name. He was given the name Raven while he was growing up as a Jedi. Raven showed early signs of intelligence and was very observant. Many fans speculate that is why he was given this name.

Can Revan beat Vader?

Because of his superior lightsaber skills and physical strength. Vader is the epitome of raw power and expertise. Revan, though, has the benefit in terms of his leadership abilities and experience, and he isn't all that weaker than Vader.

Who was Revan's master?

Raven was born on planet Serenno and separated from his parents, he was brought to the Jedi Order where his first master Rugess Nome trained him and helped him achieve a strong footing in a new world.

Who tortured Darth Revan?

The Emperor imprisons Revan and repeatedly questions and tortures him for information. Though, Raven has a strong hold on his abilities and can control the Emperor’s as well. More so, without his knowledge.

What happened to Revan at the end?

The Sith players defeat Revan, cutting his essence in half. His Dark Side takes on a physical form that is saturated with madness and darkness, while his Light Side merges with the Force.