The Mandalorian's Dark Saber: A Blade of Shadows and Stars

Dark saber is one of a kind. Scratch That. It is the only kind of lightsaber that has left a prominent impact through Star Wars movies. Contrary to this, it's not so vibrant color.

The boring black lightsaber that was meant to be a vibroblade originally. Soon captured the eyes of the directors and Star Wars Villains, as everybody wanted to get their hands on it.

Not so drab now. Is it?

Dark Saber also goes by the name ‘The Mandalorian Lightsaber’ because of its deep roots in the Mandalore and its people. This Mandalorian lightsaber first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode ‘The Mandalore Plot on January 29, 2010.

The appearance of an unusual color immensely intrigued Star Wars fans. The good news is that there is enough material on Dark saber to satiate the curiosity of all the hungry lightsaber collectors. Let’s find out!;center,top&resize=1200:*

Origin of Dark Saber

The Dark Saber is an old weapon that was created by the leader of Death Watch, Tarre Vizsla. He was the first Mandalorian who was appointed by the Jedi order. He built the lightsaber with a back blade that had a crackling white border in 1050 BBY. During his time, he used the weapon as a Jedi warrior.

However, after Tarre Vizsla’s passing, the weapon was stolen from the Jedi Temple by the House of Vizsla. The Mandalorian people believed that the Dark saber was rightfully theirs and should belong with them. The Mandalorian had a fallout with the Jedi Council during the decline of the Old Republic. The weapon was seized and returned to Mandalore by the ancestors of Pre Vizla.

Description of Dark Saber

The black bladed Mandalorian lightsaber is a sword shaped weapon that hums differently than a standard lightsaber. It produced a high-pitched sound when ignited instead of a constant humming sound. More so, it is also called so because the design of Dark saber has a Mandalorian touch to it.

Additionally, the blade is shorter than an average lightsaber and the end is tilted to make it look more like a sword. The black kyber crystal has a crackling white border that may not cut through an original beskar, but can turn it red-hot. Also, it was unable to cut into a Combat and a Deflector Shield.Dark saber formed a special connection with the wilder. It used its force energy to compel its own. That is why the lightsaber was a blessing for some and a curse for others, as the Children of the Watch believed so.

Another traditional thing about Dark saber is that due to its origin, the Mandalorian and Night Owls believed it belonged to their leader. It must stay with the figurehead of the Death Watch. The only way another leader was going to get the lightsaber was through by fairly winning a duel with the previous possessor. If not, then the inheritance was illegitimate.


Owner  Mandalorian, Moff Gideon, Darth Maul
Hilt Shape  Cylindrical, rectangular with guard
Hilt Material  Beskar 
Blade Type  Single Blade, thin and curved slightly
Blade Color  Black


Is the Dark saber a blade?

The question remains. Huh?

After skimming through the description you must have gathered that Dark Saber is more than a blade.

Sure on the first look. The blade is like no other blade in the Star Wars lightsaber galaxy. However, apart from the blade, the whole lightsaber has a Mandalorian touch that indicates that the Dark Saber is a special unit in itself.

History of Dark Saber

After generations of Mandalorian passing the dark saber, it finally ended in Pre Vizsla’s hands in 21 BBY during the Clone Wars—the new leader of Death Watch as well as the Governor of Concordia.

Conquests of Dark Saber

Dark saber was once held by its rightful people of Mandalore and the peace was maintained with the Jedi Council despite initial conflicts in 1014 BBY. Soon it fell into the wrong hands and was held by evil characters, characters who deemed themselves unworthy of holding it till the indestructible dark saber met its end at the hands of Moff Gideon.

How about we look at the elaborate history of ‘Dark saber’ and its fallout?

Vizsla’s Betrayal

At the time, the dark saber was in Vizsla’s Possession. Obi Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Order discovered his Death Watch camo. They arrived, but Vizsla attacked with the Dark saber. However, despite good sword skills, Vizsla was unable to outsmart Obi Wan. H people fled, and he had to move his camps to Carlec.

On another occasion, Vizsla attempted a murder against Chieftain Pieter, who was Senator Bonteri’s man. However, the attack was interrupted by his granddaughter, who was injured instead.

Similarly, Vizsla used Dark saber to strike Ming Po, a human native of Cadlec. To prevent the attack, Bonteri’s friend Ahsoka Tano appeared and initiated a vigorous duel with Vizsla. Vizsla fully intended to kill Ahsoka, but she was able to escape with the help of her droid D2.

By Now Vizsla had moved their camo to Zandar he crossed paths with Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress. The Death Watch warriors joined hands with Collective Forces. While behind the scenes, He had formed a pact with Darth Maul and his brother. In front of his people, he would overpower Savage in a duel and be labeled a hero by the Mandalorian.

Later, Vizsla betrayed Darth Maul and had him arrested. Darth challenged him to a lightsaber, and he won. He eventually defeated Vizsla and killed him. Now Darth Maul became the leader of the Death Watch, much to Kryze’s (Vizsla’s Leutinenet) horror. Mandalorian people were ambiguous about a leader that was not a Mandalorian.

Darth Maul’s Possession

Darth Mauls a while later. When Darth Sidious, the former master, came in Mandalore, he snatched the weapon away. In Stygeon's prime, he was soundly defeated and taken prisoner.

However, Prime Minister Almec came to Maul’s rescue. He was appointed by Maul for the Mandalorian. The dark saber was returned to Maul, and he proceeded to Zanbar. As Maul was leading the Death Watch, Zanbar was once again attacked. However, this time by a cyborg, General Grievous. Maul raised the dark saber against the General and was able to beat him.

Moving On, dark saber spent a long time with Darth Maul during its history when Maul used it on conquests.

The Imperial Era

During the Imperial Era, the dark saber was located at the Night sister lair, a stone fortress on Planet Darthmoir. Until it was retrieved by a Mandalorian weapon expert, Sabine Wren. Sabine trained with the dark saber under Jedi Kanan Jarrus. Yet, she became the rightful owner only after defeating Viceroy Saxon.

Sabine later offered the dark saber to Lady B, sister of the former Duchess. As she believed Lady Bo–Katan Kryze was the most appropriate owner. At first, Lady Bo was reluctant to accept the lightsaber. Later, with the encouragement of Mandalorian, she accepted the dark saber.

Bo Katan’s Reluctance

Eventually, the Empire moved to Mandalore just after the Night of Thousand Tears to take control of the planet. Lady Bo Katan as the leader of Night Watch offered dark saber to Moff Gideon as a peace offering. Despite that, her attempts were deemed meaningless as Moff Gideon started the Great Purge of Mandalore. Bo Katan fled the area but continued to lead the Night Owls. She was determined to get the lightsaber and the Mandalore back.

Eventually, she was successful with the help of Mandalorian Din Djarin. He had taken advantage of the fall of the Empire and Gideon's vulnerability. Djarin offered the lightsaber back to Bo Katan. Bo Katan refused because it was illegal to take the dark saber without a duel. Besides, she thought she was not worthy.

So Din Djarin was challenged to a duel by Paz Vizla, a decedent of Tarre Vizla. They fought the duel at Glavis Ring world. Djarin easily won the duel and remained the rightful owner of the dark saber. Yet, he was exiled by the Children of the Watch, so he fled.

While Djarin was seeking refuge, he was attacked. Bo Katan and her friend Gorgu came to the rescue and rescued Djarin. Bo Katan had fought the attacker hand to hand. When Djarin learned this, he once again offered the dark saber to Bo Katan. At her refusal, he insisted that this time the passing of dark saber was not illegitimate as Bo Katan had personally fought Djarin’s attacker. Ultimately, Bo Katan accepted the dark saber as a sign of her leadership for Mandalore.

Dark Saber’s Downfall

Mandalorian discovered that Moff Gideon was planning an attack on them. He had built his headquarters underneath Mandalore where he was experimenting with cloning, mining beskar, and building a special armor for himself. So the Mandalorian forces decided to attack Gideon.

In the process, Bo Katan led the troops and used her dark saber to defeat Gideon. However, dark saber was unable to harm Moff Gideon due to his special armor, and soon dark saber fell into Gideon’s hands. Lastly, Godeon held the dark saber hilt with such force that the lightsaber was damaged permanently.

What Now?

For now, the whereabouts of dark saber and Moff Gideon are unknown. However, Mandalorian fans are hopeful they will get another season and peak at their favorite lightsaber. Hopefully, with a good end!

Black Color Significance

Additionally, a new lightsaber has left a meaningful impact on the archaic Star Wars lightsaber world. Dark saber or the Mandalorian Lightsaber has given black a new meaning. While for some devoted fans, black represents the unity, loyalty, and orthodox ways of the Mandalorian. They appreciate the symbolism of the dark saber for a whole community and its customs.

Whereas for other fans, the meaning is shrouded in darkness. They believe dark saber has a streak of evil attached to it. As once held by Darth Maul lightsaber, the dark saber was used for evil purposes. It is a potent weapon that connects with the yielder like no other. Hold that big can only be controlled by the best combat fighters and force yielders. Probably somebody that has Sith powers running through them. Strong enough to fuel the force power of dark saber.

What Makes Dark Saber Special?

Dark saber is no ordinary lightsaber. It is a special lightsaber in The Star Wars gadget collection as well. How about we take a summarized look at what makes it different from the rest of the lightsaber collection? Shall we?

· Usually the lightsaber is built by the Jedi and remains in their possession as their lightsaber. A Jedi builds a lightsaber for themselves. However, the dark saber was built for the Mandalorians by their disciplined ancestor Terra Vizsla. The dark saber was meant to be forever and for the Mandalorian only.

· For centuries, the lightsaber remained with the Mandalorian generations and always found its way back to its people. Dark saber did not have an association with a single person but with the whole Mandalorian Force.

· The hilt is made of special beskar that makes it different and heavier than a standard lightsaber. Also, the hilt is curved and made of unusually durable material.

· It is the only black lightsaber color in the whole of Star Wars history. Accompanied by producing unique and different sounds like chirping birds, and prolonged sizzling when ignited and struck.

· Non force users can use the blade as well. However, they will need proper training as it will be difficult to connect with the blade.

Why is the Mandalorian bad with the Dark Saber?

You must have guessed from our story by now!

Mandalorians had a love hate relationship with the Dark Saber. They lost it and then the lightsaber always found its way back.

Moff Gideon's experience in particular was not fantastic. He was so focused on his goals that he never explored his abilities with the Dark Saber correctly. There was so much potential. Furthermore, Din Djarin’s ownership of the Dark Saber further sarked the conflicts among the Mnadalorians. The weight of the expectations added to the weight of the Drak Saber for her!

Is the Dark Saber cursed?

While Drak Saber is the Mnadlorians identity it is believed to be their downfall as well.

Mandalrians had different ideas about the Dark Saber. While one class deemed it to be their end the other class labeled it an honorable distinction.

Dark Saber has to be acquired the right way through a dual. If not then the possession as well as the usage of Dark Saber is considered to be cursed and illegal.

Can a Mandalorian wield the Dark Saber?

Dark Saber should be won by the laws laid out. The Mnadalorans believed anyone could be the rightful honor of the Drak Saber after winning it on a dual. This automatically gave the winner the leadership place over the Mandalorian people.

Darth Maul’s Dark Saber journey is a huge example. Even if the Dark Saber was not meant for Darth's hands it still gave Maul ownership over Mandalore because of the laws.

Who truly owns the Dark Saber?

If the journey had ended with Darth Maul. The Dark Saber would rightfully have been passed down to his son until it was won over by another figure in lightsaber combat forms.

However, the Dark Saber met its demise at the hands of Moff Gideon. Star Wars has yet to announce the whereabouts of the Drak Saber.


Dark saber is a special weapon that takes control of the wilder but gives an advantage. The wielder is not easily defeated. Moreover, it is a force to be reckoned with. However, its sudden disappearance from the screens has left many fans and Mandalorian disoriented.

Hopefully, we will see more dark saber action in the future. Meanwhile, you can buy a dark saber replica from RX Sabers that features an FX blade and a movie like plasma illumination!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Dark saber heavy?

It is Wren who provides a suitable explanation for the weight of the dark sabre. In an episode of Star Wars: Rebels, she remarks, "Energy flows through the crystal constantly." When you battle, you're not managing a simple sword, but a current of power.

Who is the Jedi who saved Grogu?

As a Jedi Master, Kelleran Beq oversaw the training of the Padawans. He was nicknamed the "Sabered Hand" because of his legendary lightsaber prowess.

Is Mandalorian a Jedi or Sith?

A long time before the Star Wars film, the Mandalorians were a prominent military power that had been closer to the Sith for centuries.

Did Mando cut himself with a Dark saber?

Din singes his left leg with the saber's scorching hot blade during the fight scene, somehow managing to harm himself. He subsequently limps for the whole of the remaining series.

Does the Dark saber use a Kyber Crystal?

Dark saber is powered by the kyber crystal, like all other lightsabers. Kyber crystal is a powerful weapon in giving a weapon its special color as well as the energy and connection to the force side.

How powerful is the Dark saber?

Dark saber could pass through any planet's atmosphere. And could stand a fight against advanced beskar as seen in the fight against Moff Gideon and Din Djarin. Furthermore, dark saber can also easily cut through the hull of a TIE fighter.