Rey's Radiance: Skywalker Optimism

From The ‘Force Awakens’ to ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Rey’s Lightsaber journey has been full of new findings.

There are numerous special and unique moments to Rey’s lightsaber. They have added a new touch to the Star Wars Canon and stolen fans’ hearts.

Not only that, her lightsaber history is shrouded in equal mysteries. Many of those we will debunk today.

Rey went through several lightsabers before she came back to square one. What does that mean? We will talk about it later.

For now, we will begin by discussing the early history. Then comes the exciting parts. We will solve speculations regarding the color and design of Rey’s one of a kind lightsaber.

Although, Rey and her unusual lightsaber did not get a lot of screen time. Fans are hopeful that we will get more in the sequels!

Mystery behind Skywalker Lightsaber?

In the epilogue scene of ‘Star Wars: Episode IX –The Rise of Skywalker,’ Rey is shown raising her yellow lightsaber toward the sky.

This appearance in 2019 surprised the fans, firstly, because of the design of the lightsaber. Secondly, another reason the fans were taken aback was because of the unusual color of Rey’s new lightsaber.

That is because prior to her new lightsaber, Rey used her former master, Luke Skywalker’s, lightsaber. Her first lightsaber is actually not Luke’s lightsaber. In fact, it is the famous Skywalker lightsaber that originally belonged to Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin’s lightsaber soon became an important part of Rey’s character. In the sequel trilogy, Rey is spotted training with the blue lightsaber and soon develops a bond with it.

First Meeting

Rey Skywalker did not coincidentally stumble upon Anakin’s lightsaber, as many believe.

No. The lightsaber called out to her from the basement of Maz Kanata’s treasure finds, in her castle.

While on the desert planet, Jekku Rey successfully discovered the lightsaber by allowing herself to be guided by the pull from the lightsaber. It is a whole other story about how the Anakin lightsaber got there when it should have been with Luke.

Nonetheless, after discovering the lightsaber. Rey wielded it and started her path with the new war raging between the First Order and The Resistance.

Force Vision

After connecting with the discovered lightsaber, Rey faces a powerful vision. It gives her a glimpse of a parallel lightsaber world from the future. The same lightsaber is also recognized among the fans by the name, ‘Dark Rey Lightsaber’.

However, we are not talking about that now.

Hold onto the name, though! Because we will be discussing the significance of this scene later.

For now, let’s focus on the journey of Rey’s first lightsaber, Anakin’s Lightsaber.

Luke Apprentice

Soon as Rey held the lightsaber, she decided to make it her first permanent lightsaber weapon.

This is how the blue, Anakin lightsaber, was lost for a long time. It is now spotted in Rey’s hands throughout ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII -The Last Jedi’.

Obviously, this got the attention of The Resistance who had been looking for Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi. To help along, Rey needed to be an expert warrior. So she realized she should train with a combat expert. To help her fully utilize her first lightsaber.

In her search, she crossed paths with none other than the solitary Luke Skywalker. On the planet Ach-To Luke had been living in self exile.


In the meeting, Rey relived the whole lightsaber discovery story. Not only that, she offered to return the lightsaber to Luke. She hoped Luke would return to The Resistance and help in the fight against the First Order.

Much to her disappointment, Luke refused. However, he promised to train her.

Training Days

So now in Episode VIII, Rey is trained with Anakin’s lightsaber. Using it as her personal weapon.

At first, she was trained by Finn, a fellow Resistance member, and then by Luke Skywalker. Not only that, Leia Organa also passed words of advice and wisdom to Rey when Luke was hesitant.

Her first lightsaber is the reflection of her initial training struggles and first achievements. Soon she was able to achieve the title of the expert Jedi Knight. Also, with her extensive training, she was equipped to use the blue lightsaber for dueling.

Duel With Kylo Ren

The Force Awakens and Episode VII – The Last Jedi perfectly capture the dynamic between Kylo Ren and Rey Skywalker. Due to their force abilities, they form a telepathic connection where one wants the other to join his side of the force. However, due to the continuing conflict, they face each other in a duel.

Rey’s first lightsaber is damaged during the heavy fight. However, in Episode IX she repairs the lightsaber back to its optimum condition. This point of her life depicts her unwavering commitment to the Skywalkers. However, the biggest moment is yet to come!

Second Lightsaber Beginning

Rey’s second lightsaber is the true Rey Skywalker lightsaber. This lightsaber is put together by none other than Rey and is an advanced yet traditional weapon. There are a lot of special aspects to Rey’s own lightsaber.

She first raised her lightsaber and shocked the fans in Episode IX –The Rise of the Skywalker. It is not a secret that Rey has always been conflicted about her heritage. Especially after her identity as a Palpatine was discovered. This was the primary cause of her internal strife as well!

Burying Luke’s Lightsaber

Rey traveled to Planet Tatooine which is believed to be the root place of the Skywalkers. At the homestead, Lars on Tatooine Rey paid homage to Leia and Luke Skywalker. She buried the lightsaber that was now in her possession. The lightsabers were buried in the Tatooine sand near the skywalker hut.

Up until this point, Rey’s heritage is unclear. Since it was also the period indicating the end of the First Order and Resistance War. Rey was challenged with a new weapon as well as finding her footing.

Dark Rey Vision

Rey has decided to build her own weapon. So while she was constructing her lightsaber at quarters on Ajan Kloss. Rey faces a dark vision that reveals her as a direct descendant of her grandfather, Emperor Palpatine. In the vision, Rey spotted herself holding a red double-bladed lightsaber. Additionally, the lightsaber has a hinged hilt and a familiar design as spotted in Darth Maul’s hands. The voice in the background tells her to embrace her darkness and welcome the legacy of her grandfather. This moment is notorious among the fans as a ‘Dark Rey’ moment.

Yellow Lightsaber Construction

Did you know?

Rey was already considering a double bladed hinged lightsaber design while building the new lightsaber. However, after the vision she gave up this idea, before the battle of Exegol and the burial of her mentor's weapons. Ray had already started working on her new lightsaber.

After completing her design, she brought the lightsaber to light at Planet Tatooine. This was a great accomplishment on Rey’s part and also a declaration of her heritage.

As shown in Episode IX, Rey was addressed by an elderly woman on Tatooine. To which Rey replied that she was ‘Rey Skywalker’ loving looking at the force ghosts of Luke and Leia Skywalker.

These few seconds have sparked a loving moment among fans. Numerous Rey fans are in awe of Rey’s courage and her loyalty to the Skywalker legacy despite many temptations.

The Ending

Rey was last seen with her lightsaber in ‘Rise of the Skywalker’. Her journey from then onwards is yet to be explored in Star Wars. Up until this point, her struggles and challenges have been a hope for Skywalker's legacy, which was under threat of extinction. With Rey’s alliance with the Skywalker family, there is a lot of potential for more content if Star Wars makers ever decide to showcase it!

Description of Yellow Lightsaber

We know that lightsaber techniques stem from the quarterstaff. True to that, Rey used to carry a quarterstaff with her before she shifted to advanced technology. So her new lightsaber contains part of her previous quarterstaff.

Instead of an elegant design, Rey opted for a thick and stocky lightsaber hilt. She used the restored parts of the quarterstaff, including the cloth grip and some metal. That is why her lightsaber resembles the shortened design of her previous weapon.

The middle of her lightsaber hilt has the same cloth handgrip she used previously. It may be battered, but she managed to install it into her lightsaber perfectly. Furthermore, her lightsaber is renowned for its sophisticated features and durable design.

Adding on, the hilt houses a rotating activation button that is the first of its kind. This unique feature is spotted on her lightsaber for the first time. The emitter is connected to a single bladed yellow kyber crystal. Due to the special mechanism, the blade can be retracted and emitted smoothly.

Lastly, the downside pointed out by lightsaber analysts is the use of strong metal. The metal makes Rey’s lightsaber heavy. Yet, it protects the lightsaber from damage and tearing.


Owner   Rey Skywalker
Hilt Shape  Cylindrical, Straight
Hilt Material  Metal and Rey's Old Quaterstaff Parts
Blade Type  Single Blade
Blade Color  Yellow

Why Yellow Color?

The sudden appearance of a unique and unexpected color was a chilling moment on the Star Wars screen. Even for someone directly associated with the Skywalkers. As we all were expecting a blue blade. Even green would have made sense!

The series does not show how Rey sourced the kyber crystal. However, there are speculations about the color that hints at where she could have gotten it from. Rey’s yellow lightsaber blade shares the same color as the Temple guards of the Jedi Temple. Secondly, it could be that she used Kylo Ren’s kyber crystal after she defeated him in a duel. So she could have performed a purifying ritual on the crystal.

From Rey’s journey and the past appearance of yellow color. One thing is unmistakable. The color represents the free spirit and independence of Rey’s life. She could have chosen the inherited Sith lifestyle, but instead, she remained on her Jedi path. Looking at this yellow color also symbolizes her loyalty, devotion, and nobility.

When the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Star Wars visual effect, the team was interviewed, they reflected that choosing yellow was an indication of optimism.

"We definitely went for things like golden and sun and optimism," said Tubach.

Rey Lightsaber Combat Form

After receiving training from Luke Skywalker and Finn. Rey settles for an advanced lightsaber form, proving how far along she has come. Rey later became an expert for the all-rounder lightsaber combat form VI also known as the Niman form. Niman is the combination of all previous traditional forms. It taught Rey the technique of defense as well as offense.

Rey already has practice from using her quarterstaff. And now she was well-equipped with her new lightsaber, proving the teachings of her mentors in a duel with Kylo Ren. She used fast and agile lightsaber movements as shown in the trilogy.

Skywalker Power

Rey Skywalker’s got the spirit to take on just anyone.

When it comes to Luke Skywalker. He made his name in the Galaxy because of his bravery and lineage. If Rey and Luke were to come together Luke would surely win. As credited to his experience and timely honed fighting skills.

Give Rey a few more years and she would be an equal match to Luke and Anakin Skywalker.

In terms, of spirit, Rey was always matched and possessed the same passion as her mentor, Luke Skywalker.

Final Words

Rey Skywalker, the last standing Jedi Skywalker is a hope for many Force fans. That is why many enthusiasts have placed hopes on her special bright yellow lightsaber. Maybe the new color and heritage will bring a new meaning to Luke Skywalker’s sacrifice.

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Canon Appearances

Star Wars: Episode IX -The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -Expanded Edition

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -Junior Novel

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -Screen Comic

Star Wars: Episode VIII -The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Non Canon Appearances

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Rey a Sith Lord?

Rey was the daughter of Dathan, and the granddaughter of the great Sith lord Darth Sidious also known as Emperor Palpatine. Her father was the bioengineered son of Palpatine. Despite her strong paternal legacy, Rey chose to be a Jedi.

How did Rey build her lightsaber?

Rey used to carry a quarterstaff before she shifted to the lightsaber. That is also why her lightsaber looks a lot like the quarterstaff. It shares the same stocky appearance and even has the same grip cloth as the quarterstaff. She built the new technology inspired by her old weapon.

Why is Rey’s blade yellow?

Yellow color has always been a meaning of conflict in Star Wars. However, Rey’s yellow indicated optimism and satisfaction. Her declaration of new heritage and loyalty to the Jedi path makes Rey’s blade color special and unique.

Who is stronger Ren or Rey?

At one point, Kylo Ren and Rey Skywalker shared a mutual bond. Until Ren tempted Rey to join the dark side. On the disagreement, Rey was able to one up on Ren as depicted in the novels. However, both forces are equally strong, yet Rey’s bloodline gives her an advantage.

Why did Rey use Anakin’s blade?

Rey was beckoned to Anakin’s Lightsaber blade like it was fate. When she tried to return it to his son, Luke Skywalker. Luke refused the blade and urged Rey to train using his father’s blade.

How is Rey powerful without her lightsaber?

Rey showed exemplary skills even before her lightsaber training days. This is due to her force powers and an even stronger Sith bloodline. She used psychometry to navigate without her lightsaber.