Radiant Resilience: The Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber Legacy

Ahsoka is one of the brilliant Star Wars characters whose life has been documented and screened from the start till the end. She used several lightsabers during her time with, and independent of the force. As a child, she was a mischievous, deviant, and impulsive girl who grew up to be a strong, kind, and independent lightsaber wielder.

In the beginning, Ahsoka used a green lightsaber while experiencing the training life of a padawan during the Clone Wars. She later switched to another lightsaber color and also changed her lightsaber style. She is famous for her dual white bladed and curved hilted lightsabers. Ahsoka has a love hate relationship with the Jedi Order.

She made her first appearance with the blue-green lightsaber in Star Wars: The Clone Wars film. The story of Ahsoka Tano’s betrayal and a new beginning with every lightsaber is voiced by the actor Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian series.

Description of Ahsoka Lightsabers

Ashoka’s first lightsaber featured a single green blade attached to a cylindrical metal hilt. The standard sized straight hilt had black accents and a black activator button on the first half. There is also a ridge running through the front of the lightsaber that helps with the grip. Furthermore, it had black grip guards around the neck as well.

However, the second blade that accompanied the first one is a small Soto blade with a green yellow blade color. The small size of the hilt is suitable for someone with Ahsoka’s stature. Additionally, it featured a similar ornamentation as the first blade, only in a smaller size.


It is the third blade or rather blades that Ashoka is most majorly known for. After abandoning her previous lightsabers, Ahsoka built two curved lightsaber hilts. They supported white, silvery blades. She designed the hilts for a better reverse grip. Not only that, the hilt length of both blades was different, as one was visibly shorter than the other.

At first, the lightsaber hilts were roughly put together. However, later she refined the material. Unlike her previous lightsabers, the white lightsabers had a sleek finish with a black activator and three grip guards along the sides. Moreover, the lightsabers also had a loop designed at the end for attachment to her belt.


Owner  Ashoka Tano 
Hilt Shape

 During Clone Wars: Cylindrical, Straight (Elongated and Shoto Hilt)

 After Clone Wars Second Lightsaber: Handcrafted Curved Hilt

Hilt Material  Metallic
Blade Type  1 Single Blade, 1 Shoto Blade Blade 
Color  Blue & Green (During Clone Wars), White (After Clone Wars)


Unusual Lightsaber Color

There are a few Star Wars characters who are seen holding a pure white kyber crystal lightsaber. Ahsoka is famously associated with this particular color because it reflects her independent yet friendly and kind nature.

Unlike the first two lightsabers that she acquired from the Caves of Ilum like all Jedi younglings do. She crossed her path with the white lightsaber unusually. This journey is mentioned in EK Johnston's novel as follows.


Because of Order 66, Ahsoka Tano, now a former Jedi, was hiding out. Until she realized she had to act to fight the Empire. Fortunately, she ran into the Sixth Brother she had inadvertently murdered while fighting. Using his lightsaber, Ahsoka performed the purifying ritual on the lightsaber. Another reason she was unable to leave the lightsaber behind was due to the red kyber crystal's intense beckoning.

The crystal's impurities were drained out, and Ahsoka was blessed with its silvery white light. Surprisingly, the crystal didn't choose a Jedi’s natural green radiation, as it would often do. Instead, it matched Ahsoka’s spirit and formed an unusual color.

Remarkable moments with Ahsoka’s Lightsabers

Ashoka saw many deflections during her lightsaber Journey. Despite meeting impressive and loyal characters, she also faced close betrayals. Ahsoka however kept herself upright and used all her life lessons to lead a separate life, firm to her beliefs after she left the light side of the force.

First Lightsaber

Ahsoka Tano was a Toruga Jedi young ling who was Anakin Skywalker’s padawan despite his dislike. However, later he warmed up to the idea.

Like all Jedi of her age, Ahsoka built her first lightsaber with the crystal she acquired from the Caves of Ilum. She used this lightsaber during the fight to win back the planet Christophsis. She fought side by side with her master, Anakin Skywalker, as they wanted the planet back under Jedi control.

Her first lightsaber saw a lot of action as she always accompanied Anakin Skywalker on his missions. Eager to learn quickly, Ahsoka also fought with General Grievous on her way to Sky top mission. There she fought Asajj Ventress who was Darth Maul’s apprentice. Moreover, Ahsoka faced a variety of challenges from a Bounty Hunter, Cato Parasitti, and a shape-shifter, Jocasta Nu.

Tano sometime later lost her lightsaber when Car Affa an arms dealer swiped her weapon and fled into a crowd. Tano was accompanying Anakin Skywalker on a mission. She did not want her master to find out about her careless mistake. So she chased Affa and with the help of another Jedi Master Tera Sinube was able to get her weapon back.


Second Lightsaber

After her assistance in rescuing Chi Eekway, Ahsoka in 19 BBY decided to train herself. Because when she had gotten her first lightsaber back. While in the process, she was not able to activate it on time. She realized she needed more training.

That is when she acquired her second Soto lightsaber with a yellow, green blade. Furthermore, she also trained under Yoda wielding two lightsabers to perfect herself. From here on, Asoka was involved in fights like a duel with Mortis and battles like Lola Sayu. She once again lost her lightsaber when she was dragged away by hunter Lo Taren. She had to fight bare hand for her life. Just after getting her lightsabers, she lost them for the third time at Zygerria when along with her master they went to capture Queen Miraj Scintel.

Anakin rescued her and returned her lightsabers to her. Sometime later, Tano encountered her mother’s murderer, where she went into a hit of rang and tried to attack him. He took hold of her lightsabers but R2, her fellow droid, helped her, and together they ran to the republic. At this point, Ahsoka had done everything to help the Republic and the Jedi.

Ahsoka’s journey of hardships and Lightsaber separations was not over yet. As she had to fight with Anakin Skywalker to capture Emperor Palpatine at Naboo. Later on, Tano went on many missions and led other Jedi Padawans to find their paths.


As a young Padawan herself. Ahsoka’s biggest challenge was yet to appear. When she was accused of treason and cast aside by the Jedi Order. During this time, Ahsoka also lost her Soto. However, Anakin later proved her innocent, but the event had an impact on Ahsoka. Because the betrayal had come from her close friend Barriss Offee.

This had made her lose her faith in the Jedi and Jedi Order. If Ahsoka was going to do anything, it was going to be on her own accord. Ahsoka formed a unit with her friends Mandalorian Warrior Bo Katan Kryze and Captain Rex. Together, they decided to take on evil Sith powers like Darth Maul Lightsaber.

Ahsoka is among the few who were daring and courageous enough to take Darth Maul one on one, while dueling with Darth Maul Ahsoka was disarmed of both her lightsabers yet pushed to near death. However, she was still able to fight Darth Maul. Impressed with her, Darth Maul invited Ahsoka to join his side. However, Ahsoka stayed away from the trap and with Kryze's help arrested Maul.

On her way to bring Maul to the Jedi Council, Ahsoka’s journey was interrupted by Darth Sidious's (Emperor Palpatine) execution of Order 66. Maul had to be released. Many droids and Jedi were injured in the fight. To escape with her unit, Ahsoka had to fake her death. That is why he gave up her first two lightsabers at the Sundari Bio dome as a tribute to the injured. She then hid on planet Thabeska for the next year.

Third Lightsaber

After the Clone Wars, several years later, Ahsoka left the Planet and eventually moved to the moon Raada with the alias "Ashla” who was a mechanic. But before long, the Galactic Empire approached Raada and posed a threat to her friends. Ahsoka had been using rocks and mechanical parts as weapons up to that point. Now she needed a real weapon. Luckily, she encountered the Sixth Brother, another name for an inquisitor.

Even though it was a red Kyber Crystal, Ahsoka was drawn to the inquisitor's double bladed crystal. She fought and took away his weapons. Later, she used the force to purify the crystals. Following the bleeding procedure where a Jedi removed all the bad influence on the blade, the crystal turned white.


Ashoka used the parts she had amassed over the entire process to transform them into two sabers and add a temporary hilt. Ashoka was aware that the Order was in danger as the Galactic Empire rose. She participated in the battle against Raada with her white lightsaber, effectively rescuing her friends who had been taken prisoner. She then assumed the position of the Folcrum and focused on upgrading the lightsaber's hilt. After traveling back fourteen years, Ashoka encountered the Specters and trained with them using her new weapon. In Using the white lightsaber, Ashoka battled the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister in Hammertown.

But nothing could have prepared her for what awaited her when she got to the Lothal Jedi Temple. The imposters attacked while she was at the temple looking for Maul. The two then joined forces to combat the three inquisitors.

This is where Anakin Skywalker, the master, and his former apprentice had their famous encounter. When Ashoka and Darth Vader squared off, the latter knocked Ashoka off the temple and dragged her into a timeless realm. From that point on, Ashoka avoided affiliation with and was neither labeled as a member of either the light or dark side.

Later, she kept preparing the rebels to face Darth Vader while handing them the white lightsaber.

Why Did Ahsoka Drop Only One Lightsaber?

‘Ahsoka: Episode IV’ revealed how Ahsoka Tano has been using a single blade despite owning two white blades.

During her intense duel with Marrok. Ahsoka used her long blade while the sorter shoto blade was strapped to her belt.

Additionally, fans pointed out that the use of a second blade in her second duel with Baylan would have put her in a better position.

Looking at all this. Ahsoka could have dropped her second blade because it was shorter and instead of helping her fight. She considered the blade a mere hindrance. She used both hands to yield the longer blade instead.

Ahsoka Tano’s Fighting Style

Ahsoka always had a special streak for learning the fighting form. From her padawan days, she could hold her own as she held her strength against three Magnaguards, throughout her journey, she encountered other skilled duelists like Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, and General Grievous. But Ahsoka slithered through all the situations smoothly because she was an expert in several fighting forms.

Under the guidance of Anakin Skywalker Ahsoka Tano learned all seven Jedi lightsaber combat form, Ahsoka was skilled at Shii Cho and Makashi from the start, however, during the Clone Wars she realized that was not enough when her lightsaber was stolen. So she trained in the Jar’Kai technique.

Jar’Kai also known as Niman teaches you precise handling and speed with duel weapons. Furthermore, it also helps you predict the blade distance and strike defense. It is an advanced, deadly technique that requires high force strength.

Ahsoka Tano & The Clone Wars Legacy Lightsaber

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However, many manufacturers have put out their own versions.

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Ahsoka was a courageous Jedi who stayed loyal to the Jedi Order. Even after parting ways, she did not succumb to the back side. She had her moments, but she remained determined and loyal to her beliefs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ahsoka's lightsaber called?

Ahsoka used a standard, Soto, and dual lightsabers during her life. Soto is a kind of lightsaber that has a relatively smaller blade, around 2 feet long. It is used by people of shorter stature, like Ahsoka Tano. Lastly, she used two separate blade lightsabers, one smaller than the other.

How did Ahsoka get 2 lightsabers?

After the Clone Wars, Ahsoka fought an inquisitor and took his blade. She purified it and built two individual lightsaber blades from it. Strangely, the blades took a unique silvery white color.

Why does Ahsoka Tano have white lightsabers?

According to Dave Filoni Ahsoka was given a different and pure color to indicate her non-association with the Sith or Jedi. When she used her white blades, she fought independently of the Force's decisions.

Is Ahsoka a GREY Jedi?

In the book of Boba Fett, when Ahsoka dies, she is resurrected through the light side of the force. Despite many conflicts, Ahsoka was, during her time, a true Jedi rather than a Grey Jedi.

What do white lightsabers mean?

White lightsabers indicate purity, independence with force, resilience, and a sense of justice. As was seen with prominent Star Wars characters like Ahsoka Tano, the White Knights, Orla Jerani, and Jora Malli.

What is Ashoka's race?

Ahsoka was a strong Togruta warrior female who trained with Anakin Skywalker to be a Jedi. Later she chose her own path.

Did Ahsoka have Anakin's lightsaber?

In Clone Wars Season 7 when Anakin bought back Ahsoka’s blades. The color matched Anakin’s lightsaber remarkably. However, they only matched. Ahsoka never held Anakin’s lightsaber for a duel.